Get Rid of Fruit Flies {DIY Fruit Fly Trap}

Cleaning Tips 01.17.16
We have had a fruit fly outbreak, so instead of using the sticky fly traps that we've used in the past, I gave this fruit fly trap method a try. It worked perfectly!

All you need is a jar, a piece of paper, apple cider vinegar and liquid dish detergent!

Time: 2 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Myra @
    Linda, click over to the blog post and the "recipe" is there! :)

    Candy J, I'm not sure. I've never used it outside.

  • Candy J
    Candy J Erwin, TN
    I had what I thought was fruit flies on my covered deck. They fly around my ceiling fans when not on. They are little flies. I have put 2 bottles of your recipe and not one has even attempted to go to the vineager. Is it for the inside only?.
  • Linda
    Linda Syracuse, NY
    How much water, vinegar & dish soap ... and how often should it be replenished pls ?
  • Mandy
    Mandy Calabasas, CA
    also, before you go to bed pour liquid bleach down all of your sink and tub drains. fruit flies disappear. this really truly works!
  • Beja Foster
    Beja Foster Rhome, TX
    I definitely didn't know everything Terry commented. I am super glad to know about freezing them. I didn't realize that the eggs were on the banana peels. That explains why you
  • Teresa
    Teresa Hendersonville, NC
    I put vinegar in one of those wasp catcher jars
  • Gwen S
    Gwen S Cocoa, FL
    Can't wait to try this one. Living in FL, I am always inundated with the pesky fruit flies because I like to keep some fruit on the counter in a pretty bowl.
  • Amy Wieden
    Amy Wieden Boulder, CO
    I cut the top off plastic water bottles, invert the top and stick them back on the bottom. You can tape or staple them together if you choose, When the trap is full, just throw it away ;)
  • Sleepy Maggie
    Sleepy Maggie Franklinton, NC
    I discovered quite by accident that fruit flies LOVE sherry, so I always use it in my trap now. Works like a charm - and smells lots better than other baits. Bonus: if anyone notices how fast the level in the sherry bottle is going down, I can just say,
  • Kim Tedford
    Kim Tedford Altus, AR
    I use Sherry Ackerman's method (above) but with various throw away plastic containers, i.e. sour cream, margarine, or cool whip containers. If you know someone who uses baby food, the little plastic containers that it comes in is great. When they start
  • Penster47
    Penster47 Verona, MO
    I haven't seen silver fish for years. Thought they were extinct. 1. The dish of cider vinegar with a pinch of sugar and 2 drops of dish liquid works totally. You will find a dish full of fruit flies every morning til they are all gone 2. After fighting
  • Maggie D
    Maggie D Durham, NC
    I totally agree with the post about the the fruit fly eggs in the bananas. I've read that before, and can pretty much confirm that the only time I see fruit flies in my house is when I have bananas.
  • Myra @
    Karen M I totally get what you're saying! It's super easy to dump and refill so there aren't any stagnant dead flies. :)
  • Myra @
    Jeannette Raynes & Pam, I haven't had any house flies caught in this trap.
  • Nicky Blakeney
    Nicky Blakeney Taylorsville, MS
    Someone mentioned silverfish. I can't stand the things. My son brought them home from working in another state. You can put out poison to get most of them but I don't think there is a way to completely get rid of them. been trying for years. but I have
Myra @