Ideas Etc. 04.03.14

Get Rid of Fruit Flies {DIY Fruit Fly Trap}

We have had a fruit fly outbreak, so instead of using the sticky fly traps that we've used in the past, I gave this fruit fly trap method a try. It worked perfectly!

All you need is a jar, a piece of paper, apple cider vinegar and liquid dish detergent!

Time: 2 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://myblessedlife.net/2013/06/get-rid-of-fruit-flies.html

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  • Was just thinking of using the ketchup bottle for the pesky critters.....put the ingredients in the bottom and away they go.......oh, I put a rotting banana peel in a bowl with tight saran wrap over top with a few holes in the plastic.....dawn and a bit
  • Sharon mason Oakland City, IN
    I don't even use the Dawn, just plain ole Apple Cider vinegar

    . Works beautifully.

  • Sharon E Gilbertown, AL
    What about fleas on cats?
  • Angie Hernandez Fort Wayne, IN
    I just used reg. vinegar and cut up a few little pieces of apple and put it in a salt shaker.. Worked great:)
  • Gary Nance Danville, VA
    My method that works one part apple vinegar one part water one drop dawn in a small cup like apple sauce comes in Helps to put a banana or tomato close to cup I sometimes get hundreds of them
  • Jane Hing Sacramento, CA
    will this work on regular house flies?
  • Claudia Yeager Hurricane, WV
    No, This does not work on regular flies, I tried it today, not one fly.
  • Judy Smith Columbus, NE
    I tried this just in a shallow lid and the flies sat on the edge of the lid and looked and me and laughed.... apple cider vinegar stinks!!!! Did not work for me
  • User Butler, PA
    It works! You just have to use something "deeper". The next time you go somewhere and get a drink with a lid... use that! Put apple cider vinegar in the empty cup... put the lid back on. If there's a straw in it, take the straw out and that should do it!
  • Candy J Erwin, TN
    Try the wine vinegar with dawn - that works even better.
    • Gale Hancock, ME
      Candy J red wine.......white wine .or rice wine vinegar..................which one?
  • Barbara P Marquette, MI
    I just use plain cider vinegar, put plastic wrap over the container then seal with an elastic, poke little holes in the wap and set aside
  • Patricia Suttons Bay, MI
    I tried it just the way it was first posted. I left it out in the afternoon, and in the morning, the vinegar was black !! There wasn't a single fly in my kitchen !! Thank you so much !!
  • Nan Lambert Louisville, KY
    this worked will for me, i didn't use the paper but i couldn't believe how many i trapped
  • I used sweet tea and dish soap. It did not matter which soap I put in the cup. Set them around my house and in two days they were gone and have not come back.