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Felt Wreath Tutorial

These felt wreaths combine gorgeous wool felt with one of my favorite decor trends-ombre! They are so, so easy to make and perfect for a craft night!
Time: 45 Minutes Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
  • felt wreath tutorial, crafts, how to, wreaths
Materials Needed:
wool felt (a 14 wreath takes approximately 8 9x12 sheets of felt)
straw wreath form
hot glue (and lots of it!)
  • felt wreath tutorial, crafts, how to, wreaths
Cut your felt. I cut each sheet of felt into 6 strips (cutting lengthwise). I then cut each length into 5 rectangles, then take your rectangles and cut out teardrop-shaped pieces.
  • felt wreath tutorial, crafts, how to, wreaths
Warm up that hot glue gun and start gluing! I started with the white felt pieces, and glued a row across the width of the wreath. I did 2-3 rows of each color (I had 10 colors total of felt), making sure each row overlapped the one before. In the below image, I had just finished up the teal portion and am about to start on the green.
  • felt wreath tutorial, crafts, how to, wreaths
Thanks for reading my felt wreath tutorial! Have a lovely day!
  • felt wreath tutorial, crafts, how to, wreaths

To see more: http://www.burlapandblue.com/2012/03/22/signs-by-andrea-winner-and-ombre-wreath-tutorial/

  • Annburgess
    Annburgess Canada

    Almost 9000 pieces of felt? Why not buy it by the yard?

    • Linda
      Linda Prudenville, MI

      I think that was supposed to be 8 sheets of 9 X 12 felt☺️

  • Inez Michelle Hudson

    This looks like fun, I hope the amount of felt was supposed to be (8), 9"x12" sheets. :)

  • Donna
    Donna Simpsonville, SC

    I love these wreaths! I've never seen felt in such a pretty array of colors, but will definitely be following your tutorial to make my own. Thanks!

  • Elaine
    Elaine Canada

    This is very nice and quite professional looking - reminds me of something Martha Stewart would create (and that's a good thing!) lol! I also envision this wreath done in white and say, cream felt (or something subtle) then cut some "leaves" out

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA

    Very creative and pretty! Good idea

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