Growing your own celery

This is a little project I am trying out. Growing my own celery from store bought remains. Seems to be working so far!

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  • Eulalia
    Eulalia South Boston, VA
    Wow, what a great idea. Deffinitely going to try this.
  • Renee T
    Renee T Humboldt, TN
    me too
  • Marcy
    Marcy Southfield, MI
    very cool.
  • Kate S
    Kate S Stanardsville, VA
    Celery is not hard to grow from seed, either, but it can be hard to keep it from being bitter - needs lots of water to have a mild flavor.
  • Rainy Odessy
    Rainy Odessy Topeka, KS
    green onions work in water also i always use only the tops so it is a fun thing for me to get more onion tops after my initial harvest
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