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Gazing Ball Stakes

I have seen this circulating the internet, and wanted to try it! Spring is here..time to dress up the gardens! This would also look good inside a potted plant.
I found ping pong balls at the dollar store. I purchased the thinnest dowels they had at Walmart. I used the Rustoleum Mirror Effect paint on all to give it bling!
I remember reading that they drilled into the balls. Well these ping pong balls are a more thicker, and It didn't seem necessary to go through all that. I took a skewer.... I had some left over from my mirror creation. With the sharp end I poked through the ball....It worked....
I carefully stuck the skewer inside the ball. If you have thin ping pong balls, startthe hole with something sharp first. These balls were okay
(and if you ding the ball just use the skewer or the dowel and poke from inside to straighten out the ding.)
Next I put all the balls on! If you happened to make the holes too big and the balls are sliding down, you can use a dab of glue, just make sure it is glue used for the outdoors. A silicone glue is best. E6000, Goop, are just a couple. They have to withstand water, and heat. So hot glue is not reccomended.
If you are placing these in a container plant, you can shorten the stakes.
I then proceeded to paint the balls and stakes.
I waited overnight for them to dry, then I put them in my garden....bling!
Tip: Be sure you have the balls positioned where you want them before painting, otherwise if re position them, you will have to paint the area where the ball was.
Listening to others I rethought the burying process. I took a empty plant container (kind you get when you purchase a plant) and filled it with small rocks. You could use a empty food can also. Just make sure the circumference is large enough for the stakes to be put in at a good angle.
I didn't have a wide enough can so I used the empty plant container. I filled with rocks.
I realize the pot would have to be higher than the ground surface. I didn't really want the top of the pot sticking out, so I glued on some marbles around the perimeter.
Then I thought...I think I will fill the top with marbles.
So what do you think? You don't have to worry about the sticks getting in water. The bottom of pot has holes, so if water does get in the there, it will travel through the rocks and drain into ground underneath pot.
thank you....enjoy creating your own

Materials I used for this project:

  • Small dowels   (Walmart)
  • Paint   (Walmart)
  • Ping Pong balls   (dollar store)

To see more: https://kelleysdiy.com/

  • Tikva Morrow
    Tikva Morrow
    on May 2, 2016

    OK, this was a stroke of genius! Love the result

  • Sujata @ miuries.com
    Sujata @ miuries.com Canada
    on May 2, 2016

    Can I steal your idea for my garden? It is very pretty.

    • Kelleysdiy
      Kelleysdiy Palm Springs, CA
      on May 2, 2016

      @Sujata @ miuries.com Of course you can Sujata....that;s the best compliment!

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on May 2, 2016

    This is so pretty!

  • Natalie Taylor
    Natalie Taylor
    on May 5, 2016

    Definitely going to do this project!

    • Kelleysdiy
      Kelleysdiy Palm Springs, CA
      on May 5, 2016

      @Natalie Taylor Let me know how you did it! I was thinking of painting the balls different colors....lots of possibilities!

  • Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith Callahan, FL
    on May 5, 2016

    If you painted the dowels green first and then painted the balls different colors it would look like they were floating in your garden.

    • Neva Dew
      Neva Dew Creedmoor, NC
      on May 6, 2016

      @Margaret Smith Also, if you use a wire coat hanger (free!)it would be so thin it would virtually disappear, as well as holding up to the elements longer than a wooden dowel.

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