Decorating From Nothing to Something... a JUNKER'S Full Home Tour.

DIY Ideas 06.11.15
The best thing that ever happened to me is when I was forced to start my life over again, having little funds. Creativity was a must in order to decorate my home.

Everything you see on this home tour was created from nothing... meaning, from found things, such as pallets and recycled fencing board.

Today, my favourite shopping places are STILL the curb, thrift stores and garage sales. It's become about the hunt... and how efficient I can make something. I'm finding that while I can buy if I desire, I don't really need to. I still want to continue to put my rustic stamp on everything I make.

I truly believe, all it takes is belief in yourself along with creativity, in order to fill your home and in turn, love it even more because of the effort YOU put into the builds.

Tutorials are attached to each picture. And there's more to the tour via the blog link.

Happy JUNKIN'!

Difficulty: Moderate
  • Not being able to afford to carpet my stairs, I painted them up instead, creating stencils out of decals with my signmaking equipment.
  • A ladder plus reclaimed wood creates the coolest plant stand ever. Cats love it too!
  • Desiring something other than traditional window treatments, these old gate screens were created on top of existing room dividers.
  • This horse gate was found in a neighbour's trailer, bound for the burn pile. Attaching a few hooks, it's now my headboard.
  • Have some reclaimed wood laying around? Make your own side table!...
  • A feature wall made out of pallet wood was flipped into something ultra productive by adding a few hooks.
  • I needed a nice long desk, so a few boards from pallets and crates later, this farm style desk emerged. It cost me $3 for new screws.
  • Needing another desk, this one was made out of 2 sawhorses, a ladder for the framework and pallet boards across the top.
  • The boards were prettied up with some paint, signs and big, oversized bolts just for eclectic fun!
  • The best thing I ever did to this bathroom was remove the BIG vanity.
  • Toilet paper storage doesn't get any easier than an old crate and license plate.
  • This fireplace redo was created without taking the old one down. True story!
  • I lucked out the day I found this pallet with a ridge... it morphed into a TV stand with a junk showcase.
  • If you need a new coffee table, a few pallet boards will get you there!...
  • Need a tray? How about a couple old checkerboards?
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  • Ann
    Ann Mountain Lake, MN
    Totally impressed. Love it!
  • Patsy Price
    Patsy Price Hartsville, SC
    You have out done yourself in your home. I loved every inch of it and all you did.
  • Martha Campbell
    Martha Campbell Charlotte, NC
    You are a VERY Clever and imaginative girl ! Kudos !
  • Gretchen Mercer
    Gretchen Mercer Fairfax Station, VA
    Lots of creativity...and I just love it! I think this is really encouraging!
  • Pat Fuller
    Pat Fuller United Kingdom
    Clever girl. Love it all. Well done.
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