Invasive plant horror stories

5 hours ago
Hometalk member and gardener extraordinaire Barb Rosen recently wrote of her nightmare experience with chameleon plant, Houttuynia cordata, and what may be her life-long project of getting rid of it. But Barb surely isn't alone in having planted something she regretted. For me, my biggest mistake was planting gooseneck loosestrife, Lysimachia clethroides. I'd heard how "rambunctious" the plant could be, but I had a dry, shady spot where I couldn't get anything else to take hold and bloom. Well, the lysimachia did, and soon started looking for territory to annex. I've since sold the house and it may have taken over the entire property by now for all I know. Here's your chance to sound off and put up the warning flag about plants that belong on a "do not plant" list. Please post a photo if you have one, and let us know what zone you're in.

  • Joanne Herman
    Joanne Herman Hutto, TX
    Uh oh... I've just planted two lemon balm plants in my herb garden! oh well, guess I'll just have to use it a lot. I'll tell you a plant you can't get rid of- Wandering Jew. We had a massive bush of it in the front of our lawn, and it was dying so I
    • Renee Newman
      Renee Newman Kansas City, MO
      I agree. We have had it go from the bushes in front of our house to the rocks surrounding our foundation. Will nothing kill it?
  • Jessie Glickman
    Jessie Glickman Abington, PA
    Just bought a new house and it was supposed to be professionally landscaped - that may have been the case 25 years ago but not today! Everything is over grown and not sure about their decisions. The entire backyard is covered in pennywort and english ivy
  • Loretta
    Loretta Collierville, TN
    Black Bamboo!!!! It's a great first. We have been able to dig under the roots (which is not easy), hook a chain around a 2' square and pull it out with a truck. But it does not kill it. I read it was easy to control by removing all the
    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO
      Loretta A friend finally put in a concrete barrier 12" deep and 6" above ground. When the runners tried to climb over, he cut them off.
  • Pat Schultz
    Pat Schultz Mchenry, IL
    Ive been fighting mint on my flower bed for years. Need help
    • Diana
      Diana Beardstown, IL
      And pulling it up, trying to get it out seems to 'move' it. Mine is almost gone from its original corner, but now it's all up in my (viciously thorny) knockout roses, my hostas, asian lilies. Those stray roots always seem to be the outliers. Ugh.
  • Loretta
    Loretta Collierville, TN
    Doris, I do love the way it looks & it's is about twenty feet high. Maybe I will try some clumping bamboo.
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