Invasive plant horror stories

17 hours ago
Hometalk member and gardener extraordinaire Barb Rosen recently wrote of her nightmare experience with chameleon plant, Houttuynia cordata, and what may be her life-long project of getting rid of it. But Barb surely isn't alone in having planted something she regretted. For me, my biggest mistake was planting gooseneck loosestrife, Lysimachia clethroides. I'd heard how "rambunctious" the plant could be, but I had a dry, shady spot where I couldn't get anything else to take hold and bloom. Well, the lysimachia did, and soon started looking for territory to annex. I've since sold the house and it may have taken over the entire property by now for all I know. Here's your chance to sound off and put up the warning flag about plants that belong on a "do not plant" list. Please post a photo if you have one, and let us know what zone you're in.

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  • Lynn Fitzgerald
    Lynn Fitzgerald Franklin, NC
    I may have to go dig up the Loosestrife. I see that it is coming up. So far it hasn't started taking over the yard but I don't want it to. Maybe a big pot?
  • Renee
    Renee Statesville, NC
    Wisteria!!!! Pain in the butt - invasive, aggressive, and not native.
    • Marrianne Rudy
      Marrianne Rudy Springfield, MO
      Renee While I know how well it takes over, it's the one plant I would LOVE on my fence here in Missouri! I grew up in Georgia and we had an entire fence it covered from the back of
  • Marcia
    marcia Stockton, CA
    Varigated vinca major . I agree with Gerry on lemon balm. Also, ivy of any description
    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO
      Marcia Any thing classified as ground cover is invasive, that i why they are called ground cover. When we moved to our new house, we brought cuttings of creeping myrtle. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!
  • Parla
    parla Sierra Vista, AZ
    Definitely catnip it is coming up all over the backyard!
    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO
      Parla I finally got it to grow without my cats uprooting it by putting baskets over it. I was so happy. Then my father pulled some up and drug it across the road and every where he
  • Carien
    Carien Canada
    Trumpet vines, they are sprouting up all over my yard!!! :(
    • Bonny McDaniel
      Bonny McDaniel Paradise, CA
      Carien I have a large trumpet vine but I was aware of its tendency to take over so I planted it in an isolated place, surrounded by concrete and trained up a trellis...I keep it
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