Invasive plant horror stories

2 hours ago
Hometalk member and gardener extraordinaire Barb Rosen recently wrote of her nightmare experience with chameleon plant, Houttuynia cordata, and what may be her life-long project of getting rid of it. But Barb surely isn't alone in having planted something she regretted. For me, my biggest mistake was planting gooseneck loosestrife, Lysimachia clethroides. I'd heard how "rambunctious" the plant could be, but I had a dry, shady spot where I couldn't get anything else to take hold and bloom. Well, the lysimachia did, and soon started looking for territory to annex. I've since sold the house and it may have taken over the entire property by now for all I know. Here's your chance to sound off and put up the warning flag about plants that belong on a "do not plant" list. Please post a photo if you have one, and let us know what zone you're in.
  • Crystal
    Crystal Katy, TX
    Bamboo. Beware the bamboo. Hard to tame and near impossible to get rid of. The previous owners had it lined across the back fence and it has since crossed over the wood barrier they placed as well as the back neighbor's fence. He became so frustrated
    • Karen Udensi
      Karen Udensi Newberry, SC
      Maybe not fishing poles, but they do make great plant stakes. Strip the leaves, bundle them by the dozen,sell the bundles at farmers markets and garden supply centers.
  • Cheryl Ladra
    Cheryl Ladra Valparaiso, IN
    Thistle neighbor put for birds invaded my flower garden can't get rid of help
  • Mrs D From the KP
    Mrs D From the KP Gig Harbor, WA
    Don't fret everyone!!! Everyone has different climate, different dirt and different elements that play a big role in how your Garden Grows. I have Loostrife, and Chinese Jacko-laterns both of which are doing just fine.... Can't seem to keep the Jacko
  • Mrs D From the KP
    Mrs D From the KP Gig Harbor, WA
    No Janie, the Loosestrife is not a butterfly bush, that is different..Loosestrife comes up in 1 stock from the ground and butterfly bush, is like a tree starts as a stock and grows up and sends out branches leaves and flowers.
  • Chris
    Chris Chicago Heights, IL
    Horseradish and any kind of mint!
  • Pam
    Pam Dallas, OR
    Flowering quince.. Spreads by runners and never dies always has fire blight alright. .
  • MoEma Jonas
    MoEma Jonas Pink Hill, NC
    Warning: The plant is called 'Obedient plant" but has nothing of obedient. It takes over everything and the roots are deep and looks like a wig. I had to dig 2 feet down to get rid of it.
  • Marcia
    marcia Stockton, CA
    Ivy and Japanese Privet. Horrid pests both of them
  • Jo
    Jo Westfield, MA
    I have a fishpond. Never never never plant water celery. It roots under and around every rock and boulder and is impossible to get rid of it. It will take over the entire fishpond in no time. Jumped from the pond to the surrounding area. Survives my cold
  • Holly
    Holly Nine Mile Falls, WA
    Chinese Elms. My neighbor planted them along their property line with us, 10 feet from the fence that divides it. I think they did it to shield from view my ghastly vegetable garden. which now I can't have because the roots come on to my property more
  • S
    S Butler, PA
    Trumpet Vine. It actually grew under our paved driveway & pushed up the asphalt. It was growing out of our driveway & ruined it.
  • Affenske
    Anne F - Two I found bad are Day Lilly and Japanese Lanterns .The lilly goes under sheds and travels yards and deep. The japanese lanter are beautiful, but the orange pods burst and send thousands of seeds everywhere, Also Creeping Charlie sends out
  • Brenda Hoback Bailey
    Limelight atemesia steals the limelight from other plants.
  • Kathleen Diederich
    I was so tired of pulling up mint that I sold my house.
  • Jim Mercer
    Jim Mercer Newport News, VA
    Black eyed Susan's have choked off almost all other flowers in two of my beds and keep coming back no matter how many I dig up. Don't even mention English ivy, the people that owned the house previously planted it and now it is killing t edges of my back
Douglas Hunt