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Easy DIY Green Roof Birdhouses

Love Green Roof Birdhouses but have limited carpentry skills? Me, too! Here's an easy way to make them I devised!
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Step 1 ~ Buy some basic, cheap birdhouses! Mine were $3.50 each, unfinished.
Step 2 ~ Cut repurposed molding to fit the sides, front and back and screw or tack on with a couple nails on each piece.
Step 3 ~ Paint the birdhouses with exterior paint and let dry. Then line the planting area with burlap or roofing paper.
You can do these birdhouses from start to finish in a few hours! And, Green Roof Birdhouses make great garden accents and gifts!
Plant your new birdhouses with a variety of succulents and water them in to get them established. You will have a wonderful planted birdhouse for a fraction of the prices garden centers charge! I'd love for you to click through to my blog article for all the details and more examples! Thanks! Barb

To see more: http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/diy-easy-greenroof-birdhouses/

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