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Bedrooms on Mar 6, 2016
  • operation sultrify the master bedroom is complete bedroom makeover, bedroom ideas, home decor

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  • Debi53
    Debi53 Broadway, NC

    Really love all the lovely details. Beautiful color choices--soothing but with little pockets of color interest everywhere you look.

  • Linda g
    Linda g Paducah, KY

    What a great redo.beautiful

  • User
    User Poland

    What a beautiful box you have!

  • Mickey B. & Boo Boo

    You nailed it sista! EVERY bedroom needs passion. The colors are so pretty! Luv your windows & how you dressed them! Thnx for posting.

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA

    You nailed it! Hugs