Farmhouse kitchen updates

Farmhouse Style 02.17.15
Just wanted to add some updated kitchen photos. We're using two old vintage school desks as a temporary island (too short/improper storage for permanent solution). I added a DIY 'farmer's market sign' and painted a dresser {microwave cart/BBQ and smoking tool storage near the patio doors}. #MyKitchen #ProudestDIY #‎FarmhouseStyle‬
  • Diana S
    Diana S Fishers, IN
    Why not add "legs" to the desks to raise them up to proper height and give it a butcher block top? It's great... and the clock is cute.
  • Kate S
    Kate S Stanardsville, VA
    I like the idea of reusing the desks as an island, but understand that it does not quite meet your needs - which is a shame since there are a ton of these old desks going to waste. Maybe build a platform for them? Or use cabinetry to simulate the two
  • Rose S
    Rose S Marietta, GA
    That is the difference between thee and me - you have a wonderful imagination. My taste is in my mouth, so I am told. I love yours.
  • DIY Show Off
    DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA
    Thanks, everyone! What a great start to my day! :) Amanda - the sliding ladder is to reach the lazy Susans (spice loft) and the cook book library. My husband at 6'2" can reach them but I can't.
  • DIY Show Off
    DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA
    And Daryl - there are some pictures of my dining room at the Home Tour on my blog: I'd like to finish a few more things in there too before posting pictures here. :)
  • Ann C
    Ann C Meadow Bridge, WV
    We can only hope this will become a trend. I too love your kitchen and if you have kids they should not mind doing their homework in the kitchen after dinner lol. don't stop here. Write a book where all this could be purchase. Sadly, we will not be
  • Rose S
    Rose S Marietta, GA
    To DIY - all I want to know, does anyone ever sleep at your house? I checked out your blog, and I am TIRED!!! How long did all of this take, and how many people worked on this? I am so darn impressed I can't begin to tell.
  • DIY Show Off
    DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA
    Rose! Thank you so much! We've lived here going on 5 years and there's still so much to do. Just the two of us working on DIY with the occasional family member or friend pitching in here and there, sometimes our daughters help out too. We just work on
  • Pat S
    Pat S Titusville, FL
    I love everything about your kitchen!!! If I hadn't just redid mine, I would out shopping for some pieces.
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    One of my favorite vintage filled kitchens in the world (especially that desk island)!
  • Ally
    Ally Schenectady, NY
    You are pretty ingenius girl! Look at how many things you are repurposing in there - and it looks terrific.
  • Anne @ DesignDreams by Anne
    Such a cute kitchen, I love all your little touches!
  • Thistlewood
    Thistlewood Grand Rivers, KY
    I love how you put the two desks together to make an island! Great idea, Roeshel!
  • Tammy Lynn Hebert
    Tammy Lynn Hebert Sheppard Afb, TX
    I am in love with the whole cubby system. I am a lover of kitchens. great job .
  • Kristin Castellano Zolkowski
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