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6 Ways to Deal With Ants in the House

Do you have army of ants invading your house? Try these 6 tricks before using chemical poisons.
-Seal up holes and cracks
-Clean up in the kitchen
-Erase their chemical trails with soapy water
-Create a pepper barrier
-Create a scent barrier (they hate lavender)
-Feed them something (ants dies after eating coffee grounds)

To see more: http://blog.homespothq.com/2013/06/6-ways-to-deal-with-a-horrible-ant-problem-inside-your-home/

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  • Lizzy L
    Lizzy L Saint Louis Park, MN

    I read to do this, and thought it was crazy, but it's worked for me twice now. If you see a lot of ants outside in a place you don't want them to be, tell them to leave and go somewhere else. I couldn't believe it both times I did it, and the next

  • Eroque022810

    Winder also for some reason gets ride of them. Cornmeal works like a charm as well but I prefer that outside, be prepared they come from the shades and eat it take it back so after the first time of it working I found an ant hole so I made life easy

  • Jeannette Thompson

    Any idea for water bugs?

  • Sue
    Sue Bloomsburg, PA

    I use Borax laundry soap or Boraxo hand soap. It kills ants by destroying their exoskeleton. It can be used for so many things. I sprinkle it everywhere before I go to bed and vacuum everywhere when I wake up. It works for fleas too.

  • Mpvick

    If ants are trailing your house, sprinkle talcum powder, they can't walk in it. i throw it up the walls as well. i also put on my pantry shelves but mainly where they are walking in. it's harmless and smells good. I guess flour would help as

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