6 Ways to Deal With Ants in the House

Insect repellent 04.28.15
Do you have army of ants invading your house? Try these 6 tricks before using chemical poisons.

-Seal up holes and cracks

-Clean up in the kitchen

-Erase their chemical trails with soapy water

-Create a pepper barrier

-Create a scent barrier (they hate lavender)

-Feed them something (ants dies after eating coffee grounds)

To see more: http://blog.homespothq.com/2013/06/6-ways-to-deal-with-a-horrible-ant-problem-inside-your-home/

  • D Burton
    D Burton Panama City Beach, FL
    They also will not cross a line made with chalk. When you find out where they are coming in you can use vaseline petroleum jelly and this stops them from coming in the house.
  • April
    April Lawrenceville, GA
    interesting tips! Thanks for sharing!
  • HomeSpot HQ
    HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    Great tips D Burton!
  • Rose Marie G
    Rose Marie G North Babylon, NY
    I also heard that if you get ants coming in from a door, hang a bunch of dry bay leaves on the bottom of the door. It serves as a repellent.
  • Betty Brady
    Betty Brady Richland, WA
    EcoSmart also makes an organic, non-toxic spray from essential oils that can be sprayed on the foundation of your house or inside on ant entry ways. I have used it for years and I have two cats, and two dogs. Made with peppermint, kills ants on contact -
  • Kimberly P
    Kimberly P Port Arthur, TX
    What can you use in your yard that won't hurt your pets for the ant problem
  • Judy Cowen
    Judy Cowen Durham, NC
  • Cindy McLaughlin
    Cindy McLaughlin Fernandina Beach, FL
    @Judy Cowen, please double check your label.Mine says to keep away from children and pets.
  • Mary
    Mary Ridgely, MD
    Cinnamon for a dollar store works FANTASTIC !!!
  • Eileen Dallas
    Eileen Dallas Mesa, AZ
    I have tried everything. Since I have 2 dogs, I needed to do something "naturally". I sprayed the ant trail with vinegar. Most of the ants died and I wiped them away. Then, I sprinkled baby powder along the "trail". I found this solution on line and
  • Susan
    Susan Oakland, CA
    Diatomaceous earth is the way to go. Get food-grade DE, not the swimming pool kind. Feed stores have it in large quantities; garden stores have boxes of a few pounds. It's a powder; to ants, it's like glass shards in the joints of their exoskeletons.
  • RIgal
    RIgal Charlestown, RI
    Use cornmeal in places where it won't get wet. Ants eat it but can't digest or pass it. Works like a charm and isn't harmful to children or pets.
  • Marjorie Tweed-Brown
    I mix plain liquid glycerine soap & peppermint oil because it covers their scent trails and they avoid it. Spraying Simple Green® engine cleaner also works.
  • Cheryl Crowe
    Cheryl Crowe Rudy, AR
    Make a mixture of powdered sugar and baking soda. Sprinkle where you see them. They will eat it and take it to the nest. The baking soda will kill them.
  • Donna
    donna Vancouver, WA
    I kept them out with spearamint, My dogs food was stored outside in large trash cans, I thru spearamint gum in it and the ants wents away and stayed aways
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