• Wendy Presley
    Wendy Presley Las Vegas, NV
    Really neat!
  • Sheree sleeth
    Sheree sleeth Australia
    Wow! That looks incredible, how clever of you. You've inspired me!
  • Larose LoganOakes
    Larose LoganOakes Annandale, VA
    I just love the colors that you chose for the new cushions and pillows! I was just curious if you used outdoor/waterproof fabric or maybe scotchguarded the fabric.You wouldn't want all of your hard work to dryrot or mildew.I know that you and DH will
  • Geana
    Geana Albany, OH
    This is seriously cool!!! I love it, thanks for sharing.
  • Nancy Eisenhart
    Nancy Eisenhart Tacoma, WA
    Thank you for the wonderful feedback everyone! @Larose yes it is outdoor fabric, I got it from JoAnns.
  • Larose LoganOakes
    Larose LoganOakes Annandale, VA
    I just love bold floral prints and stripes mixed together!Your new furniture looks so comfy! I know that you are going to enjoy it for years to come.:)
  • Natalie
    natalie Reno, NV
    great idea Nancy love that you used something that would have gone into the landfill or out in the hills you really did do a good job and the cost wow thanks for sharing
  • Lori Rothermund
    Lori Rothermund Aberdeen, NC
    OMG! I would have never thought of this- you are amazing! I kneel before you this morning in all your up cycling awesomeness!
  • Becky
    Becky Nixa, MO
    Wow! I often see so many yucky free Craig's list love seats,etc. And wonder who could want such a sad piece... Well now, I do! Thank you for one of the greatest inspirations. Have a great Christmas and happy new year!
  • Deborah Brasher
    Deborah Brasher Adger, AL
    I have one that both seats recline. I wish I could do something like this with mine. I'm not sure if I have the talent. But It would be so cool and the seat reclining.
  • Junkateer
    Junkateer Henderson, NV
    I was going to make a couch out of a dresser. I might try this one first.
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    Beautiful job.
  • Sheryl Rex Rathbun
    I have an old love seat I was going to haul to the dump, however we are building our new deck this summer, re-thinking taking it to the dump, recycle is always better...think I will give it a try!
  • Deborah
    deborah Rex, GA
  • Gretchen Mercer
    Gretchen Mercer Fairfax Station, VA
    Love your vision! I've sent so much stuff to the thrift store or dump! I would Never think to do this...opened my eyes! Thanks.
Nancy Eisenhart