Upcycle Indoor Love Seat to Outdoor Couch

Outside 12.26.15
Finally got new couches, and decided to deconstruct our broken down old love seat (that we got for free) to create comfy outdoor seating
The humble beginnings. My goal was to spend as little money as possible on this.
Completely torn down to the bones. (cut the arms down, took off supports in the back, but forgot to take a picture of all of that)
Slats and arms put in, and primed! The slats were made of extra wood we had, and the arm rests were part of the original rounded arm rest. My DH reinforced the back with 2x4's for extra support.
Finished product. I used the cushions and the stuffing from the original couch, and had the fabric for the back and arm pillows. Total project cost...$40 (spray paint and seat cushions fabric.)

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  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Dawsonville, GA
    Very talented! I so want one now.
  • Dana S
    Dana S Indianapolis, IN
    I think it would look good on a sun porch or even inside can you make me one lol,,love it,
  • Eleanor P
    Eleanor P Brooksville, FL
    Great job. Finished job looks professional. You go, Girl.
  • Creating a Life
    Creating a Life Diamond Bar, CA
    Totally cool! Absolutely love this!
  • TDanise B
    TDanise B Chattanooga, TN
    Wish I could be more creative like this. That is a wonderful use of your talents and proves how some people have so much ability to use what they have to recreate what others would throw away. Way to go!!!
  • Laurie
    Laurie Jonesboro, AR
    Wow! That's amazing.
  • Revi
    Revi Amarillo, TX
    How clever of you! It even looks good without cushions.
  • Marilee H
    Marilee H Youngstown, OH
  • Barbara Thomas
    Barbara Thomas Cincinnati, OH
    Very clever! I never would have thought of doing that....Nice!
  • Color It Simple
    Color It Simple Concord, NC
    that is fantastic, great job. Now that is thinking outside the box
  • Ddiane D
    Ddiane D Atlanta, GA
    i absolutely love it!!!
  • Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor - Renee
    This is such a great idea!! I love how it turned out!
  • Vickie Foss
    Vickie Foss Canton, OH
    Great job!
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    Beautiful. And very industrious!
  • Teri
    Teri Ferndale, WA
    Now all you need is a good book and a refreshing drink. It looks cozy.

Nancy Eisenhart