• Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    I should have said that clearer. My bad. My foxglove had spread and I actually dug up a small plant that had branched off. Not an actually cutting. I put it in a pot and it has already bloomed in its' new home these past couple of weeks. It is finished
  • Holly Faust
    Holly Faust Fort Myers, FL
    Will it grow in southwest florida. Im looking so flower that will spread
    • Douglas Hunt
      Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
      Holly Faust Some people plant foxglove as an annual here. It won't survive the heat, however, so definitely won't spread.
  • Laurel
    Laurel Kingsburg, CA
    Not in a hot climate.
  • Susan Leslie
    I had a surprise showing of Foxglove in my country driveway. I figured out that a bird must have eaten a seed and deposited it with a poop, into my driveway. It made me very happy to see it a midst a number roadside weeds. I would definitely spend the
  • Sharon Martin Moreland
    Sharon Martin Moreland Saint James, MO
    Does these flowers grow in Missouri??? They are beautiful!!! So Pretty!!! ;-)
  • Connie Wiesniak
    Connie Wiesniak Oxford, CT
    Thank you.
  • Chloe Rowles
    The first heart medicine, Digitalis, comes from this plant. I think they make it synthetically now, but for years this was a very important medicinal plant, because they extracted the digitalis from the plant. And yes, it is poisonous, that is why the
  • Dana Corby
    Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA
    Foxgloves grow wild here in the Puget Sound area, and take well to being transplanted. I put two in pots on my porch, flanking the door, and have a whole row of them along the morning side of my house as well as others scattered about. Although they're
  • Jacque Hodges
    Jacque Hodges Phoenix, AZ
    I've grown them here in Phoenix in the winter
  • Gini
    Gini Saylorsburg, PA
    Well, the latin name for Foxglove is digitalis! And it will mess up your heart rhythm and may cause cardiac arrest if enough is ingested. If you have kids and pets, be very careful.
    • Pamela Groppe
      Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
      Gini You have to actually eat quite a large amount of leaves to have a real problem. Many common plants are poisonous, including Tomato plants (the leaves and stems), Azalea, Daphne,
  • Jean C
    Jean C Sacramento, CA
    DEADLY POISONOUS THIS plant is where they get Digitalas from.
  • Holly Faust
    Holly Faust Fort Myers, FL
    Thanks for the answer...glad you from fl ...its hard to know what the heck to plant down here. next question if I use the weed killer vinger/epson salt/ and dawn....will I be able to plant anything in that area....the landscapers have succeeded in
    • Douglas Hunt
      Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
      Holly Faust I don't think that will affect the soil. I would be much more concerned if you were using regular salt.
  • Marie Campbell
    Marie Campbell Salem, OH
    I think I have lost my beautiful Foxglove plants. All three seem to have not survived the bad winter we had. I mulched but I still am not seeing any growth. I live in Ohio. Is anyone else experiencing this? Very sad. they were so pretty.
    • Pamela Groppe
      Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
      Marie Campbell I am sorry to hear that. They are a biennial so last summer may have been their last year for the plants but typically they reseed readily. I must say mine are
  • Marie Campbell
    Marie Campbell Salem, OH
    Well I am not giving up the hope that some seeds took and will eventually come through the earth. Seasons here are much later than Ca. so there's still time left for growth. If not I will get more plants. I didn't know they were Biennial. Now, I did
  • Lana
    Lana Atlanta, GA
    oh beautiful I love Foxglove and Hollyhock!! I tried to grow from seed but without success I had to buy ready-made plants.
Pamela Groppe