Foxglove, an Easy Cottage Garden Flower

Foxgloves grow like weeds here, a great plant to give your garden height in the late Spring and early Summer. Very easy to grow from seed.
  • Foxgloves come in a variety of colors.
  • Striking combinations
  • Delicate pinks with a reverse ombre effect
  • One of my favorites, pink outside and a creamy yellow inside
  • A signature cottage look
  • So easy to grow you will be digging up the extras to give to your friends.

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  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI
    Well, let's see. Reading through all the posts here...they are deadly to dogs, cats, children, husbands...I guess I'll PASS!!
  • Connie Wiesniak
    Connie Wiesniak Oxford, CT
    Love them. I had several one year, and the next year they spread like crazy. Last year..none. Do they only come up for 2 years?
    • Pamela Groppe
      Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
      Connie Wiesniak They are a biennial and mine do seem to perform in waves, one year, outstanding and thick, the next rather puny. So it seems to depend on conditions. Mine
  • Denise M
    Denise M Pinopolis, SC
    I want some of those!!
  • Judy Haynes
    Judy Haynes Canada
    Love them, had some but they got crowded out. My husband has a heart condition and is on Warfarin & is not to touch them. Are these poisonous to kitties?
  • Danielle Di Bona
    Danielle Di Bona Rockland, MA
    Beautiful……but poisonous to dogs, so careful where you plant them.
    • Pamela Groppe
      Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
      Danielle Di Bona Actually they are poisonous to anything eating them but I have had dogs, cats, kids and no one seems inclined to trying to eat them. My chickens did eat some
  • Colleen Knight
    Colleen Knight Newark, DE
    Are these perennial in zone 7 I wonder? I know they aren't groundhog proof, they'll eat almost anything. Wanted to plant some, but would have to be away from the back yard :( I am thinking a new garden and had these on my mind, but prefer perennials with
  • Jackie I
    Jackie I Phoenix, AZ
    I wonder if it will grow in Phoenix? It's beautiful!
    • Terri Schanken
      Terri Schanken Tampa, FL
      Jackie I I live in west central Florida and I grow them in pots but they won't make it through the heat in the ground. In a pot I can move them around.
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    Great pics. I had one come up from seed and it went crazy! Had to take a cutting to our new yard and it it is just popping out.
    • Joyce Carroll
      Joyce Carroll Chesterfield, VA
      Kathleen I did not know you could root cuttings of foxglove. Do you mind telling me how you did it?
  • JoAnn Preen
    JoAnn Preen Dalton, MA
  • Pamela Groppe
    Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
    Jeannine Maranchuk thanks, that warning is part of my full blog post. I have 4 kids and never had any trouble them eating plants in my garden, touching them does not seem to be an issue. I barely could get them to eat veggies I put on their plates, :)
  • Jeannine Maranchuk
    Please be aware that they are poisonous to humans. Little hands may not know this.
  • Sylvia Becerra
    Sylvia Becerra San Bernardino, CA
    Very beautiful!
  • Pamela Groppe
    Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
    @ everyone, they are special, they really add a cottage flavor to the garden.
  • Pamela Groppe
    Pamela Groppe Arnold, CA
    @Douglas Hunt Yes they are all in my garden and I am collecting some more of very unusual colors. When a flower does well here I get more of it.
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    .Yes, I grew mine from seeds starting two years ago and this spring they were almost five feet tall! Gorgeous
Pamela Groppe