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Hand Towels Made From an Upcycled Bedspread

I inherited an old candlewick bedspread several years ago from my mom. This old bedspread was stained in many spots, but it had great fringe and for whatever reason I couldn't let go of it. . Recently it struck me that this old bedspread could be made into great hand towels, fringe and all. Unfortunately, it's things like this that make it hard for me to let go of stuff...reinforces my urge to hold on to bric a brac.
The fringe on the bedspread was my favorite thing about the bedspread, so I definitely wanted to use that trim as trim for my hand towels as well. However, found that the scattered rust spots made it hard to find a piece that had the trim, but without the rust. So...I did what any crafty gal would do, I removed the fringe and reattached it to pieces from the bedspread that were not stained.
Removing the fringe was the most time consuming part of this project, but one easily accomplished sitting in front of a good movie. I did find that the hand towel had more oomph to it when it was doubled, so I sewed two pieces of the candlewick together and then sewed the fringe on the bottom.
The finished hand towel is 14 by 29 with the fringe. I added 1/2 to each side when I cut the material, so I cut 2 15″ by 30″ pieces of the material.
I use these handtowels in my guest bathroom, but I've also gifted them to some special friends.
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Material I used for this project:

  • Candlewick Bedspread   (My attic!)

To see more: http://www.nourishandnestle.com/upcycle-a-candlewick-bedspread/

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