Repurposed Desk into Chest

Kim's board 05.08.16
I took apart an old 90's desk, stacked the two pieces into a tall multipurpose chest.
My daughter used this desk as a teen, but it had been stored in the basement for years until I dissected it. I drug it up from the basement, removed the top, and then got busy.
I built up the top, and added some crown molding.
Stacked one side onto the other side to make it tall, then added a new MDF bottom and feet.
After spraying it with primer and black paint, I felt it needed a little something special, so I stenciled a flowering vine all the way up the front of the drawers.
I added some glass knobs to finish it off. Because this piece has two deep drawers that were formally file drawers, and 4 smaller drawers, it is very versatile.I currently have it in the bedroom, storing boots, and business stuff. LOVE how versatile it is, and it's much smaller footprint. Same storage, less floor space. Win/win!you can see the full tutorial on my blog.

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