Mini Greenhouse from Old Storm Windows

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You can have a greenhouse ANYWHERE! This greenhouse will even fit on a balcony. It's built with scrap lumber and 3 same sized storm windows. I spent no money on this greenhouse - old storm windows, leftover lumber and hinges & latch from an old door I found. I used a pallet to set the greenhouse on to keep it up off the ground. Repurpose and reuse!
Time: 2 Days Cost: $0.00 Difficulty: Moderate
Framed with 2x4s. Plywood is used for the floor and back panel. The back panel has a gap on each side to allow for venting.
The roof of the greenhouse is another window. It can be removed or covered over with a piece of wood for the winter months.
Super cute & tiny, yet big enough to start seeds or grow a few pots of tomatoes.

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  • Toni Young
    Toni Young Portland, OR
    I have been wanting a greenhouse but don't want or have the $ to spend the $$$ they want for a kit but you gave me hope and inspiration!! Thank you so much. I keep telling my husband we could build one. I am so excited to start looking for old windows.
  • Lance irwin
    Lance irwin Sherman Oaks, CA
    That's awesome. Yours is so much cooler than mine!
  • Pat
    Pat Woodbridge, VA
    Awesome and beautiful. Wish I had you at my house for a time
  • Hildegarde
    Hildegarde Germany
    This is absolutely cool and practical, glad you have a husband who supports you in your ideas and has the talent to put your imagination to practice. I think you ought to share him with all of us :-0) for this kind of work, I mean .... :-0))
  • Susie Lee
    Susie Lee Macomb, MI
    Great repurpose! Love it!
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