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Mini Greenhouse from Old Storm Windows

You can have a greenhouse ANYWHERE! This greenhouse will even fit on a balcony. It's built with scrap lumber and 3 same sized storm windows. I spent no money on this greenhouse - old storm windows, leftover lumber and hinges & latch from an old door I found. I used a pallet to set the greenhouse on to keep it up off the ground. Repurpose and reuse!
Framed with 2x4s. Plywood is used for the floor and back panel. The back panel has a gap on each side to allow for venting.
The roof of the greenhouse is another window. It can be removed or covered over with a piece of wood for the winter months.
Super cute & tiny, yet big enough to start seeds or grow a few pots of tomatoes.
Time: 2 Days Cost: $0.00 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://designdreamsbyanne.blogspot.ca/2011/09/how-i-built-baby-greenhouse.html

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  • Lynne Detroit, MI
    the green house is so cute..i had new windows installed last year i wish i had kept the old ones
  • Su Stuart, OK
    No Anne I don't but I am going to ask if any of my Aunts have one
  • That would be fabulous!
  • Maggie D Durham, NC
    Wow - clever!
  • Maggie D Thank you!
  • Tammy Brenner Stockton, CA
    Our re- store was giving away free windows I'm going to call them and see if they still have some. Great project & super cute!
  • Thanks you Tammy Brenner. It has been so handy!!
  • Nancy a Butcher Chillicothe, OH
    Love this what a great !!!
  • Thanks Nancy a Butcher :)
  • Linda Elmer, NJ
    This is really cute. I want one too!
  • Debra Whitesburg, TN
    Fantastic! I love it so much! I picked up 23 windows thrown out by the side of the road during a remodel job on a house close to me, and I'm looking for ideas to use them. I hope to make something like your little greenhouse. Just hope mine looks half as
  • Bathtub cleaner
  • Katie Canada
    Great idea!