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RustOleum Deck Restore(d) Our Deck!

About a month ago I used a new product called Deck Restore on my The beauty of this product is it's thick and fills in gaps, cracks, and embeds splinters. It made my old weathered deck look like new again, and it was way cheaper than For the first time in six years my wife and I let our little girls walk barefoot on the deck! RustOleum claims it'll be good for 12 years.
Time: 3 Days Cost: $450 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/rust-oleum-deck-restore/

  • Ladyphy2001
    Ladyphy2001 Imperial, PA

    Please do yourself a HUGE favor and do not buy this Rust-oleum deck product. It looks beautiful(like the above picture), if you are lucky for about 3 weeks, then it starts to crack and peel. What a mess. We found the only way to then restore our deck

  • Rita
    Rita Smiths Station, AL

    had the same problem. emailed the company with pics, never heard a word back. do not buy

  • Carol Harrison

    And I thought it was me doing it wrong also. I guess I will be sanding it all off and doing something else. UGH

  • Connie Simpson
    Connie Simpson Long Pond, PA

    Mine last one season winter peeled it up in strips.

  • F-kcummings

    I had the same exact problem with Behr. They refunded my money. I still have pieces of paint in my lawn!

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