RustOleum Deck Restore(d) Our Deck!

Paint It 3 days ago
About a month ago I used a new product called #RustOleum Deck Restore on my #deck. The beauty of this product is it's thick and fills in gaps, cracks, and embeds splinters. It made my old weathered deck look like new again, and it was way cheaper than #reboarding. For the first time in six years my wife and I let our little girls walk barefoot on the deck! RustOleum claims it'll be good for 12 years.
Time: 3 Days Cost: $450 Difficulty: Easy
  • We covered all the horizontal surfaces on our deck, and it required 4, 4-gallon buckets.
  • You can back-brush the second coat for a smoother texture.
  • The deck almost looks like composite now. Rust-Oleum has lots of different colors to choose from, and we selected "Saddle".
  • Deck Restore is applied with a specialized, honeycomb roller.
  • You can see how old, splintered, and beat-up the old deck looked.

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  • WindingCreekCreations
    WindingCreekCreations Charlevoix, MI
    We used this product two years ago and it is still in great shape!. We already purchased more for the back deck. Saying that, I didn't like the color, so as soon as it had time to dry and set, we applied a coat of regular deck stain over it. This too has
  • Kathy Nichols
    Kathy Nichols Wilmington, DE
    We used Restore in 2012 to salvage our 26+ year old deck for a graduation party & it held up through this past winter (2015) in DE when we had to replace the deck entirely because supports were rotted. No flaking or loss of adhesion whatsoever & it was
  • JimiJ
    JimiJ Lodi, NJ
    Did the same and only concerned how it will hold up this winter with shoveling?
  • Kathy Nichols
    Kathy Nichols Wilmington, DE
    I would not suggest shoveling JimiJ. I either used a push broom or leaf blower.
  • RICouple
    RICouple Rock Island, IL
    I used a push broom and pushed off the X10 that I had on the surface of the deck. From all of the posts that I have been reading, I would be very careful about putting it on a deck that is in an area that has hard winters with deep freezes and then