RustOleum Deck Restore(d) Our Deck!

9 hours ago
About a month ago I used a new product called #RustOleum Deck Restore on my #deck. The beauty of this product is it's thick and fills in gaps, cracks, and embeds splinters. It made my old weathered deck look like new again, and it was way cheaper than #reboarding. For the first time in six years my wife and I let our little girls walk barefoot on the deck! RustOleum claims it'll be good for 12 years.
Time: 3 Days Cost: $450 Difficulty: Easy

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  • John Hartnett
    John Hartnett Lutherville Timonium, MD
    Interesting reviews. I bought Restore at Home Depot and was advised that it could not be used on the railings so I acquired the Thomson's Waterseal and Stain. A clerk, my son and I compared the waterseal to the samples of Restore and found a close match.
    • Ed Anderson
      John Hartnett Be careful if you sand Restore. It is made up of over 60% Crystalline Silica ( a known carcinogenic). Even with a respirator it is dangerous.
  • Katiesaurus Rex
    Katiesaurus Rex Bothell, WA
    And It's horrible to remove. The parts that don't stick come up very easily but the few parts that do stick don't want to be removed without sanding, and as Ed said, it's very dangerous. Google "OSHA" and "crystalline silica". If your deck is older, it
    • Pamela Burnett-Apple
      Im a lowes paint associate and DO NOT HAVE any vested interest in selling you crap. Im honest with my customers, am a bit offended. Not all of us are dishonest.
    • Ed Anderson
      Pamela Burnett-Apple Maybe you're not a "big box" know nothing crap seller, but most of your fellow workers are.
  • Colleen Harman
    Colleen Harman Halifax, PA
    Does anyone know if you can you paint over the Rustoleum Deck Restore? The color of the finished product is not as shown on the sample and we would like to paint over it with exterior paint. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
    • John Hartnett
      John Hartnett Lutherville Timonium, MD
      Leigh Shaull Glad to hear this. It has only been 3 months since we first painstakingly applied Restore and already it has started to peel away and chip.
  • Marion Nesbitt
    I would never buy this product after reading the comments. There are other viable products to use.
  • Leigh Shaull
    The biggest problem I see with most people here honestly, is that they purchased from Home Depot or Lowe's. Most people from these stores aren't trained in all products. A person who makes keys can be swapped to the paint department one day. I work at a
    • Leigh Shaull
      First, I am not saying all customers are wrong. Back to my original point, people mostly purchased at stores where employees knew nothing about the product. Get that straight. I personally helped a customer get a refund because 200 sq ft of his 3000 sq
  • Buyer Becareful
    Buyer Becareful Orting, WA
    Restore is full of millions of tiny little holes. It allows water to sit on your wood decks. When water sits on wood it will destroy it.
  • Terry
    Terry Battle Ground, WA
    I would not recommend this product to anyone. First off, I followed the recommended prep. I thoroughly sanded the deck. I replaced boards that needed replacing do to weathering and dry rot. I wanted to extend the life of the deck and make it look good.
    • Ed Anderson
      Terry You are not alone. Despite what others on this board will tell you, no matter how thoroughly you preped your deck, or where you purchased the product, Restore will fail to
  • Angela Rhiannon Davis
    I want to paint the floor of my basement with this. Is that a horrible idea? I'm making a workshop that will have water splashed around.
    • Ed Anderson
      Angela Rhiannon Davis Yes, that is a very bad idea.
  • John Gilmore
    John Gilmore Noblesville, IN
    This is a terrible product. I hired a professional painter recommended by Lowes to apply. It's peeling off in pieces the size of my hand in many places.
  • Leashad
    These are 2 pictures that I took just now. Bear in mind that this is after our harsh winter. Also bear in mind that this is supposed to last 10 years, but this is very similar to what my patio looked like when the Rustoleum lawyers came to view my deck
  • Jim Bruegeman
    Jim Bruegeman Cottonwood, ID
    Jim from Idaho I bought this product in August 2014 I power sanded the whole deck it is a big deck. In January 2015 I noticed whole chunks of paint peeling off it is now just March and my deck looks like ASS I hope to get my money back from product and
  • Sue
    Sue Venetia, PA
    Impossible to remove, cracks and chips off in layers, burns your feet in the summer. The stuff is garbage and Rustoleum says too bad if you had any treatment prior to this. Pure garbage. And very costly!
    • Ed Anderson
      Sue The lawsuits are building momentum. According to this article (see below) 5 lawsuits have been merged into one action against Rust-Oleum.
  • Robin Julian
    we did this and now our deck look like shit to I would never tell any one to try this we call then and they said we didn't do it right
  • Keith Huff
    Keith Huff Bolingbrook, IL
    Wow! I do all my projects according to the the T! Unbelievable how horrible this product is. Does anyone know of a class action suit filed about this product. If not, the there should be.
  • Toyfox
    I was totally refunded last year for my project but by the time I got the product off the deck I had to let it sit all winter without stain on it.
    • Ed Anderson
      Toyfox What method (s) did you use to remove Restore from your deck and how long did it take to get it all off your deck? How many sq ft is your deck?
    • Sue
      Sue Venetia, PA
      We tried power washing, scraping chilling and even sanding. We still couldn't get it off in some places while other areas bubbled and peeled. So if you have a way to remove this garbage, speak up, I'm all ears!