RustOleum Deck Restore(d) Our Deck!

Decks 3 days ago
About a month ago I used a new product called #RustOleum Deck Restore on my #deck. The beauty of this product is it's thick and fills in gaps, cracks, and embeds splinters. It made my old weathered deck look like new again, and it was way cheaper than #reboarding. For the first time in six years my wife and I let our little girls walk barefoot on the deck! RustOleum claims it'll be good for 12 years.
Time: 3 Days Cost: $450 Difficulty: Easy

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  • CarmelasCoastal
    CarmelasCoastal Manchester Township, NJ
    I am so glad to know this product is not good. Thanks for posting everyone. My question is...has anyone found something that DOES work? My deck is peeling after using Cabot's stain and we completely sanded the deck, stripped it to be perfectly clean and
  • Dawn Dawson
    Dawn Dawson Kansas City, MO
    Think also with any product can't be meant to work in every climate everywhere esp with the varying types of lumber out there. Older CCA will make a difference how it takes along with newer preservatives which vary, sun exposure, age, condition etc.
  • Rbnorman130
    I spent a fortune on my deck putting restore on it 2 years ago and it is peeling awful. I am going to call around tomorrow and see what they are going to do about how it looks. I will call the number that someone posted and then I will call Lowe's
    • Cristi
      Cristi Greer, SC
      Rbnorman130 Did you get anywhere with this? We did the same thing last spring and the whole deck is peeling like I poured a paint stripper on it. IT IS HORRIBLE. Please post if you get anywhere and I will follow suit.
  • RICouple
    RICouple Rock Island, IL
    Hi rbnorman130, If you call Lowe's they will be able to find the sales receipts for the product that you bought. You will need those. I've almost got the deck fully stripped of the x10 now and I will say that it will not be going back on!
  • Mary M
    Mary M Spencer, TN
    Does anyone know how to get the Rustoleum off without scraping? I'm unable to get down on my knees and back for too long and would appreciate any suggestions please. It has been on our deck for two seasons now due to not be able to work on removing and
    • RICouple
      RICouple Rock Island, IL
      Mary M Hi Mary, I bought a small 1700psi pressure washer and that got about 90% of it off of our deck. The rest of it we got off with an acrylic deck paint remover that Rustoleum
    • Mary M
      Mary M Spencer, TN
      RICouple Thanks so much for the information. We will definitely be giving this a try.
  • Lorraine
    Lorraine Red Bank, NJ
    I did my deck with restore 10x last spring 2014 it looked great- after reading all the reviewes I went out to check my deck today May 2015 hiding my eyes afarid of what I would find and my deck looked just as good as it did last year. I am 60 and did
  • Allaboutyoubyjoy
    We also used restore. Biggest mistake ever. It looked awesome for about 6 months. It started peeling and blistering everywhere. It also happened to other friends of ours too. We used for our wood deck and also bought the restore meant for concrete.
  • Cynthia
    cynthia Canton, GA
    Has anyone tried Encore wood sealers? Noticed there is a new 2015 formula for it. I'd like to know what they think of them. Supposed to be a life warranty.
  • Cheri
    Cheri Elma, NY
    We used restore on our deck. It also looked wonderful for about three months. I thought maybe it was because of the traffic of feet, but the railings also look awful. The finish came off in sheets. I mailed restore photos and a BIG sample of the peeled
  • CarmelasCoastal
    CarmelasCoastal Manchester Township, NJ
    Thanks Cynthia. I'd also like to know if Encore is a good product. It's a lot of work to remove old paint and resurface a deck so this time I want to be sure its going to last and look good. Has anyone used Encore?
  • Marion Nesbitt
    With all the consumer complaints about this product, why hasn't it been taken off the market???? Seems even lawsuits are not effective. Guess they keep suckering new buyers.
    • RICouple
      RICouple Rock Island, IL
      Marion Nesbitt Hi Marion, they've now come out with a product they called "Advanced" and also a product that you roll on before you put on the 10X to make sure that it will adhere to the surface. I just wish they had that when I used it!
  • RICouple
    RICouple Rock Island, IL
    More than welcome Mary M.
  • Phyllis Thompson
    Phyllis Thompson Orting, WA
    Don't waste your time and money on this crap. After 2 years it is all pealing off. They don't honor their warranty either...wonder why? We are replacing our deck with composite to be done with it.
  • Mary Law
    Mary Law Villa Rica, GA
    I used a product called "Deck Over" last year and some brand new wood and some as old as dirt. It has all remained as good as new. Got it from Home Depot. Good Luck!
  • Corns
    Corns Madison, NC
    Lowes has the 10X product with a $10 a gallon rebate (off the regular price of $25). I see why now!! I was ready to go to the store to purchase 8 gallons and decided to do a little research first. WOW! Not good. Did anyone EVER have success with the