Can anyone tell me what this is growing in the center of my Hosta?

  • Kym B
    Kym B Myrtle Beach, SC
    Where is Walter Reeves or Dr. Armitage on this one?
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    It does look like stress growth especially with the minimal growth around it.
  • Beth S
    Beth S Indianapolis, IN
    Karen, it is definitely growing in the middle of hosta leaves. It is part of the hosta plant. The leaves below it are a small cluster next to the main hosta. This is the 3rd year I have had it. It came from a nursery.
  • Evelyn R
    Evelyn R Manchester, MD
    Four Seasons - I went off and read about secondary fasciation and now I have a headache!
  • Lynette R
    Lynette R Maryville, TN
    it's the flower of the hosta
  • Karen M
    Karen M Vero Beach, FL
    I'd love to see a picture of how it looks today!
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    I would too :D
  • Rhonda Clements
    Rhonda Clements Lynnwood, WA
    It is just going to flower
  • Karen B
    Karen B Raleigh, NC
    Pineapple?? LOL
  • Patti @Garden Matter
    Patti @Garden Matter Pittsburgh, PA
    That's cool looking. I have never seen a hosta do that.
  • Linda
    Linda Canada
    Strange looking, one of a kind. I have several hostas, and never seen one like that!
  • Pauliegirl1
    Pauliegirl1 Cumming, GA
    Healthy and Happy Hosta......BLOOMING!!
    • DianaB
      DianaB Weaver, AL
      Pauliegirl1 That is NOT a hosta bloom. They come out on long and slender stalks with small flowers dispersed along the top portions. Whatever it is is very pretty, perhaps a hosta mutation. I would be anxious to see what it ends up looking like.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Janesville, WI
    alien hosta. LOL.!!
  • San downie
    san downie United Kingdom
    Hosts that wants to get noticed x
  • Beth Gee
    Beth Gee Tulsa, OK
    My hosts have never done that. That's cool.
  • Rosemary McMeekin
    Rosemary McMeekin Canaan, ME
    Hosta has flowers. I think this is a flower.
  • DianaB
    DianaB Weaver, AL
    Try checking with your local Extension Center office and local master gardeners for help with this one :)) The extension center is part of your state-wide agricultural program and they have lots of answers.
  • Dfleet
    dfleet Portland, OR
    I have many hostas, you might say an obsession, that is the hostas flower bud.
  • Rhonda Clements
    Rhonda Clements Lynnwood, WA
    hosta flower
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    hostas flower spike. They come in many colors,, and heights.. and all a nice scent and vary with variety..
Beth S