• Evelyn R
    Evelyn R Manchester, MD
    Wow - be sure to take a pix when it blooms. I've got a gazillion hostas (anyone want any?) and none of them have ever produced anything like this.
  • BeeKeeper J
    BeeKeeper J Scotts Valley, CA
    flower stalk
  • Chloe W
    Chloe W Arlington Heights, IL
    It' a bloom stalk. Leave it alone, you'll have tall flowers.
  • Kym B
    Kym B Myrtle Beach, SC
    It is very unusual to me. I sold zillions of hosta and the bloom was always a tall stem with white fragrant flowers facing down. Who knows!
  • Charlene D
    Charlene D Randolph, MS
    its the flower that grows in the middle on a mature hosta, this only happens once a season, a pretty white flower :D
  • Ann T
    Ann T Pasco, WA
    Yes it is part of the plant I have several hosta that look just like that and they eventually produce a flower.
  • Terry
    Terry Lees Summit, MO
    I believe it is the Patriot saluting the Red, White, and Blue;)
  • Brandie F
    Brandie F Portsmouth, VA
    Looks like the flower... Lots of hosta's over the years will eventually bloom
  • Joanne P
    Joanne P Kansas City, KS
    Looks like a "baby" hosta. Can it be rooted?
  • Jacquelyn B
    Jacquelyn B Joliet, IL
    um,. my hosta plants bloom every year, but they don't look like this. They get a thin stem with purple flowers.
  • Deana D
    Deana D Reston, VA
    It's another breed of hosta
  • Patricia W
    Patricia W Somersworth, NH
    I believe that is the flower. Some open pollinators do this.
  • Candace E
    Candace E Ozark, AR
    Its pretty whatever it is!! I personally love the verigated hostas
  • Brenda D
    Brenda D Cedar Rapids, IA
    That is really neat!
  • Candace E
    Candace E Ozark, AR
    looks like its putting on a bloom!! I had a hens n ckicken bloom twice and it was amazing!!!
Beth S