My garbage disposal needs to be replaced. I would appreciate any recommendations, tips or advice.

  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Do not waste your time. If water is going out of bottom, this means that water is flowing into the motor area that should not be getting wet. This risks a electrical hazard to you. Turn off the unit, and if you can unplug it for safety. Better safe
  • Terri F
    Terri F Columbus, OH
    Oh dear. I did not know that. That probably explains why it won't turn on now. Darn. Thank you!
  • Plumber26
    Plumber26 Thomasville, NC
    LOL...... have you tried using that stuff (Flex Seal) on those annoying boat hull repairs?
  • Terri F
    Terri F Columbus, OH
    Yes, that is exactly what we used. We have temporarily repaired it with Flex Seal!
  • McKennon Farell
    McKennon Farell United Kingdom
    There are a few rubbish removal systems in the market that you can choose from. However, always go for quality as opposed to prices. Some people settle for the least and simply get the cheapest one yet in the market. Nevertheless, cheap prices do not
Terri F