Neighbors vines

6 days ago
The neighbors son cut all the trees down between our yards. He never cleaned it up which left the area to mulch and not be cleaned up in the last few years. Now, the wild grape vines (not pictured) and other things are out of control. The tendrils are sliding over the fence like something from the movie Jumanaji killing everything it can strangle on my side of the fence. So much for the evergreen hedge I started so I don't have to look at it. I chop and push it back but it just keeps coming back to my side. Any ideas on what to do to get to stop coming to my yard without cleaning up their yard (again) for them

  • Ikrause2003
    The blue flowering wine is a nightshade and is poisones. Pretty flower though but I wouldnt want it near children.
  • Jody D
    Jody D Fort Edward, NY
    Thanks for all the responses......guess round up it is
Jody D