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Does Wet & Forget work?

I recently used Wet & Forget on some wood siding and haven't seen results, yet. I sprayed it on the house about a month ago and wanted to see if I should give it more time or do a second spraying. Thanks for your help. BTW, based on everyone's response I wanted to post before & after pics either here or on my sight (www.homerepairtutor.com).
  • John
    John Atlanta, GA

    W&F apply early morning or late evening when evaporation is slower and no rain for 4 to 5 hrs Product works great
    call company for information - they are very helpful and informative

  • Layknoerr

    I applied wet and forget on my vinyl deck which is reddish in color. it left white streaks and it will not come off. My deck looks terrible with these whitish marks all over. What can I do to get them off?

    • Wet & Forget
      Wet & Forget Elgin, IL

      @Layknoerr, we would like to know more about your application process! Give us a call at our office so we can better understand the issue. 847.428.3849

  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Can you post a picture of the deck, and maybe someone can offer help?

  • Christopher Brougham

    Hi - I'm from New Zealand where this product was formulated from what I understand. You can safely flag it. It is an oxygenated cleaner: the oxygen binds to the mould/grime and weakens its hold, and subsequent rain eases it away. But that's what

  • Anna Weir

    Wet and forget is rubbish and doesn't work, even when you follow the manufacturers instructions!