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Red Neck Raised Bed

This bed is 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. It is 3 feet deep. I used a scoop shovel and my JD lawn mower and trailer to haul composted horse manure to fill the bed. Yes, it took a lot of it to fill the bed. I have yet to come up with a trellis to hold the cukes, squash, gourds and tomatoes. Any great ideas?

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  • Sandy Olson- Watts
    Sandy Olson- Watts Fort White, FL

    Put a hitching post in the middle and mount an old saddle, leather or other horsey stuff on it.

  • Jamie M
    Jamie M Cave City, AR

    Thank you Sandy. I love your idea.

  • Barbara Valenti
    Barbara Valenti Ponchatoula, LA

    Well, maybe you could thread a cane pole through some chicken wire, or even a trellis of some type. As high as you want it to be. Then use some string or twist ties to hold up the growing vines as they get taller. Push those poles deep down into your

  • Lisa Salerno
    Lisa Salerno Grapeview, WA

    I have an old crib bed-spring I'm going to put to use as a trellis...

  • Sue c.
    Sue c. Linwood, MI

    This is so great! I have access to horse manure- just have to get creative like you and make a planting bed. Thanks for a workable idea.

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