Red Neck Raised Bed

planters 03.21.15
This bed is 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. It is 3 feet deep. I used a scoop shovel and my JD lawn mower and trailer to haul composted horse manure to fill the bed. Yes, it took a lot of it to fill the bed. I have yet to come up with a trellis to hold the cukes, squash, gourds and tomatoes. Any great ideas?
  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    Jamie, I got tired of tomato stakes rotting so I bought long galvanized water pipes and had them cut in half at lowes. I had someone drill three holes all the way through the pipes where I can thread good strong string. After a rain I pounded them deep
  • Jamie M
    Jamie M Cave City, AR
    Thanks for sharing a great idea. I am hoping my plants do good enough to need staking.
  • Helen O'Brien
    Helen O'Brien Belton, MO
    reminds me of growing up in SE Kansas.
  • Wona Chennault
    Wona Chennault Benton, AR
    i bet galvinized pipe with holes drilled in it would work too
  • Lorraine Staszek
    Lorraine Staszek Oak Park, MI
    For vertical trellus, use metal or wood 2x2 for poles amd staple or clamp chickem wire on it. Place them in the rear of the planter and let the plants climb. Put support stakes every 3-4 feet. Love your idea of a raised bed. I can't get on the ground
  • Jamie M
    Jamie M Cave City, AR
    Thanks Lorraine. This is a great idea. I will give it a try.
  • Caroline Pfeiffer
    Caroline Pfeiffer Gresham, OR
    People that have tomatoes can also use tomato cages that work really well and you can always tie up the branches. I use them all the time and the branches stay off the ground. A lot of nurseries have them and so do catalogs.
  • Jenni C.
    Jenni C. Milwaukee, WI
    I use peony cages for my 'maters because they get so big & heavy. Tomato cages are just too flimsy.
  • Eileen Millsap
    Eileen Millsap Kansas City, MO
    Cattle panels make great trellis for tomatoes, cukes, & etc. Held up with T posts, they can handle just about anything! My husband cut them in half with a welder, I think.
  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    I gave my tomato cages to the bell peppers.
  • Caroline Pfeiffer
    Caroline Pfeiffer Gresham, OR
    I love all these ideas that people have.
  • Gayle P.
    Gayle P. Milton, FL
    Now we are talking. lol
  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    Clever, clever! Love the idea and might be able to afford this kind of raised bed sides. LOL
  • Sandy Olson- Watts
    Sandy Olson- Watts Fort White, FL
    Put a hitching post in the middle and mount an old saddle, leather or other horsey stuff on it.
  • Jamie M
    Jamie M Cave City, AR
    Thank you Sandy. I love your idea.
Jamie M