Does anyone know much about this plant (Euphorbia Cyparissias)?

I found some information on Google which states) When broken, cypress spurge, like all spurges, emits a milky sap. Other sources allege that the milky juice of the plant is toxic and causes irritations on contact with the skin.The sap may also irritate the eyes, mouth, and gastro-intestinal tract). I know they sell it in our nurseries here in California. I really love it as it's very attractive and fills in the back area but concerned about the toxicity of the plant.

  • Marcia
    marcia Stockton, CA
    We had a cow who enjoyed a snack of rhubarb leaves (also toxic) but would'nt touch my Euphorbia right next to it. The roots will repel gophers and moles if you're troubled by them.
  • Barbara Crofts
    I cant stand these plants because of the sap. Also when the flowers go to seed you can end up with a million plants.
  • CBest
    CBest Truro, MA
    This is a terrible invasive that will grow through almost any ground cover, taking it over. Although lovely when in bloom, they look terrible after bloom. I would say NEVER plant this.
  • Gill Moreton
    Gill Moreton United Kingdom
    I grow a couple of types of these Euphorbia. The sap is an irritant to the skin etc, but only present if you cut into the plant. Just brushing past the plant shouldn't cause a problem. I deadhead the plants after flowering, using gloves and bin the
  • Randy
    Randy Borger, TX
    Don't eat it.
Linda C