Something is eating my collard, cabbage and pepper leaves. Any idea what it is and how I can stop it?

My dad, who is doing the gardening, has resorted to putting some type of white power on them. So that is what you see in the photo. I am not sure of the name at present.

  • Cathy Rodriguez
    Cathy Rodriguez Lansing, MI
    Baking soda will kill the plants I have been using it around my pool to kill weeds, because the baking soda will not hurt the pool other then changing the PH, it changes the PH of the soil so that plants will not grow. I would not use it round a place
  • LaTrelle F
    LaTrelle F Atlanta, GA
    Thanks so much Walter and Lisa D. I got the BT this weekend and am giving it a try.
  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    Some people call them "skippers". They are laying eggs on the plant leaves...and the eggs will quickly become caterpillars.
  • LaTrelle F
    LaTrelle F Atlanta, GA
    Lisa D (Asheville, NC) - actually I have seen one or two white butterflies, that my dad calls "something", but I can't understand what he is exactly saying [he is 92], but he complains about them flying around
  • Susan M
    Susan M San Bernardino, CA
    I am no expert, if you look at it early in the morning when pest eat you might be able to tell what is eating it .
  • Pat S
    Pat S Greenfield, MA
    Probably slugs and snails chewing on the leaves, put dried crumbled eggshells around the plants and they can't crawl over them.
  • Cliff K
    Cliff K Redwood City, CA
    Becky H. I don't know. I would say try it. My garden is always in flex and an ongoing experiment. I am trying to keep my garden organic as much as I can because I eat the harvest from the garden. The baking soda is an Amish method. Research the Amish
  • Mary T
    Mary T Janesville, WI
    Have you seen any green "inch" worms on these? And sticky lumps of greenish bug poop (frass)? Probably cabbage looper.
  • Diane B
    Diane B Columbus, IN
    Seven Dust, and there is also a Seven Liquid, takes care of critters that eat broad leaf plants.
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Walter's solution, Bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis, is completely safe. It is a naturally occurring bacterium common in soils throughout the world.
  • Lisa D
    Lisa D Asheville, NC
    Have you seen little white moths flying around them...?
  • Wendy P
    Wendy P Waterford, NY
    Japanese Beetles and caterpillers make these marks here in NE NY. The beetle bate works great just make sure you assemble the trap indoors or you will have a swarm of them overhead.
  • LaTrelle F
    LaTrelle F Atlanta, GA
    Thank you all so much!!!!. The plants are growing so beautifully, except for all these holes. [Pixie, i found the box and u r correct, that powder is Sevin]. [Cliff, I like your organic solution, so I am going to give the baking soda a try.]
  • Janet E
    Janet E Harrison, TN


  • Pixie H
    Pixie H Saint Stephen, SC
    these are a type of catapillar. use sevin dust to kill them. that is probably the white powder he used. The critters will eat any green leaves.
LaTrelle F