Purple Paradise

Garden Craft Ideas 5 days ago
I'm a Florida artist who took a leap with color!
  • My Purple Porch Paradise
  • More Purple Porch
  • Funky Hallway
  • Glidden Deep Amethyst cabinets - Valspar Summer Escape Walls
  • Dining 'Nook' made with antique windows.
  • Antique Window pantry door
  • Front Garden (watercolor photo effect)
  • Side Entry - Gate is tobacco rack
  • Back Screened Porch - Our 'North Carolina Room' complete with tin roof! (overlooks purple porch & firepit)
  • This was the 6x10' $25 pool (with pump)(Walmart) that i had last yr before i decided to do a bigger pool and add more deck.
  • better view of 12' blowup pool : ) (i fixed the hose from pump to flow above the waterline to be able to 'hear' the water bubbling)
    PAM ATCHESON Rockmart, GA
    Love the purple!!! Question: Does the deck get hot when the sun reflects? The reason I'm asking is because years ago I had an unfinished deck that never got hot. We painted it dark brown and you couldn't walk on it because it was so hot. Thanks!
  • Lauren
    Lauren Solon, OH
    Great choice! Purple is awesome :)
  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL
    very beautiful
  • Faye
    Faye Stevens Point, WI
    Beautiful! one of the many reasons Florida will always have my heart - the bright vivid colors all around you in foliage and beautiful works like yours. Will be relocating, God willing. How is Ocala?
  • Faye
    Faye Stevens Point, WI
    no one takes uses a lot of color in WI...sad since we have a gazillion months of white!
Coni B