• Michele
    Michele Paradise, CA
    I love this idea, but how did you get it as high as the pool? Did you stack pallets? Or build a raised frame to put the pallets on??? Or....did you dig a low area for the pool to sit in??? haha Dying to know!
  • Coni B
    Coni B Ocala, FL
    No, the deck is a regular deck (posts, framed and 2x4s on top)(Our house slopes in the backyard) I just kept adding decks. If it didn't slope I would probably build a deck at the same level as pool but maybe just on one side or two and fill in the other
  • Coni B
    Coni B Ocala, FL
    I added privacy fencing (so the neighbors didn't have to look at my purple porch! lol)
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    So pretty!
  • Lisa G.
    Lisa G. Grovetown, GA
    Awesome! I especially love the colors in the front garden!
  • Trellis D
    Trellis D Riverview, FL
    If I had that backyard I would never go inside.
  • Peggy Kirton
    Peggy Kirton Bronson, FL
    STUNNING! Love EVERYTHING....Such a show of creative happiness....ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS!
  • Sandy Slade
    Sandy Slade United Kingdom
    I love this so much. My type of garden Thanks for sharing x
  • Debby
    Debby Bonita Springs, FL
    LOVE you purple passion:)
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Revisiting..still loving it..have you done anything else?
  • Loretta Knight
    Love the privacy fence.. How did you make the headboard bench?? Awesome idea! !
  • Sandy Slade
    Sandy Slade United Kingdom
    Hi, I think your house and garden is the most colourful house and garden and is an inspiration to me for mine. I think it is about time that people stop going with flow of fashion making every house look the sam . No individuality or personality at all.
    PAM ATCHESON Rockmart, GA
    Love the purple!!! Question: Does the deck get hot when the sun reflects? The reason I'm asking is because years ago I had an unfinished deck that never got hot. We painted it dark brown and you couldn't walk on it because it was so hot. Thanks!
  • Lauren
    Lauren Solon, OH
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  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL
    very beautiful
Coni B