Purple Paradise

I'm a Florida artist who took a leap with color!
  • My Purple Porch Paradise
  • More Purple Porch
  • Funky Hallway
  • Glidden Deep Amethyst cabinets - Valspar Summer Escape Walls
  • Dining 'Nook' made with antique windows.
  • Antique Window pantry door
  • Front Garden (watercolor photo effect)
  • Side Entry - Gate is tobacco rack
  • Back Screened Porch - Our 'North Carolina Room' complete with tin roof! (overlooks purple porch & firepit)
  • This was the 6x10' $25 pool (with pump)(Walmart) that i had last yr before i decided to do a bigger pool and add more deck.
  • better view of 12' blowup pool : ) (i fixed the hose from pump to flow above the waterline to be able to 'hear' the water bubbling)
  • Celeste Reidy Matos
    Celeste Reidy Matos Alexandria, VA
  • Cherie
    Cherie Cleburne, TX
    My husband would have a fit but I love the purple deck with all the other bright colors! I have to sneak my purples in with plants and pillows! But I'd do this in a heartbeat!!!! Love it!
    • Bonnie
      Bonnie Lebanon, MO
      Cherie Oddly enough, my brother loves purple but his wife isn't crazy about it! Haha...
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Lebanon, MO
    OMG! That is ab so lute ly FABULOUS!! I lovelovelove it!! And such a clever idea with the pool, it looks like an oasis!! I want to come vacation with you, can I huh? Can I???
  • Mary Tonningsen
    Mary Tonningsen Antelope, CA
    I love it! It ALL speaks to me :) Hold the cookies Coni, I'm coming to Florida to have tea in that beautiful little dining area with the lacy table cloth! :)
  • Georgina
    Georgina Canada
    It's Beautiful, and so inviting , love the deck !!!!
Coni B

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