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Purple Paradise

I'm a Florida artist who took a leap with color!
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  • B.J. B
    B.J. B Lexington, MI
    Just what I think of when I think of Florida. What fabulous color combinations! You must smile all day long to be in such a happy place. You said you use Valspar inside. What did you use outside?
  • Jolene Radula Wemyss
    Jolene Radula Wemyss Huntington Beach, CA
    seriously LOVE IT!!!!
  • Grace
    Grace Cambridge, MN
    Absolutely LOVE the purple walkway! Never been to the Caribbean, but that's what came to mind, some fun, colorful, vacation island somewhere. What a unique idea! =-)
  • Maritza
    Maritza Williston, FL
    Mrs Connie B, wondering around this web page and looking for ideas (we getting a new house soon) But my outside which is soooo biiiigggg! also our weather in central fl doesnt help at all with furniture and so. Well my name Maritza and live nearby
  • Michele
    Michele Paradise, CA
    I love this idea, but how did you get it as high as the pool? Did you stack pallets? Or build a raised frame to put the pallets on??? Or....did you dig a low area for the pool to sit in??? haha Dying to know!
  • Coni B
    Coni B Ocala, FL
    No, the deck is a regular deck (posts, framed and 2x4s on top)(Our house slopes in the backyard) I just kept adding decks. If it didn't slope I would probably build a deck at the same level as pool but maybe just on one side or two and fill in the other
  • Coni B
    Coni B Ocala, FL
    I added privacy fencing (so the neighbors didn't have to look at my purple porch! lol)
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    So pretty!
  • Lisa G.
    Lisa G. Grovetown, GA
    Awesome! I especially love the colors in the front garden!
  • Trellis D
    Trellis D Riverview, FL
    If I had that backyard I would never go inside.
  • Peggy Kirton
    Peggy Kirton Bronson, FL
    STUNNING! Love EVERYTHING....Such a show of creative happiness....ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS!
  • Sandy Slade
    Sandy Slade United Kingdom
    I love this so much. My type of garden Thanks for sharing x
  • Debby
    Debby Bonita Springs, FL
    LOVE you purple passion:)
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Yakima, WA
    Revisiting..still loving it..have you done anything else?
  • Loretta Knight
    Love the privacy fence.. How did you make the headboard bench?? Awesome idea! !
Coni B

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