Purple Paradise

I'm a Florida artist who took a leap with color!

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  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Love the colors! And your entire yard, everything.
  • Karen
    karen Kingston, OK
    Just Perfect
  • Krista Ponder
    Krista Ponder San Diego, CA
    This has given me a great,affordable,answer to my San Diego, water restriction (all my neighbors and is have taken out our yards most people are installing succulents, but I want to have color in my back yard! Currently we have dirt. Thank you for
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H Palm Desert, CA
      Krista Ponder Hi, so nice to see you on here. We live in Palm Desert/Springs..everything here is monochromatic. I do wish my neighbors who have sand or rock yards as we do, would at
  • Coni B
    Coni B Ocala, FL
    That's awesome! Add pics here when you're done. The color is Glidden's Deep Amethyst (Walmart The Color Place porch paint)
  • Laurie Harry
    Laurie Harry Tucker, GA
    Bravo to you. Your yard is gorgeous. I love the bright jewel toned colors.
Coni B