Backyard Escapes 03.15.14

Purple Paradise

I'm a Florida artist who took a leap with color!
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  • Bernice H hmm, I'm gonna have to be careful about my confessions online- they have a way of finding me! :) Having an oops thread is a good idea- you start! :D
  • Bernice H Yakima, WA
    oh no sweetie..I don't have as good an experience as you do. You start!
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Hey folks! Here's one! A few years ago when we were younger and more agile, we were gluing down some beautiful hardward flooring in a small area. Of course I have to be in the middle of everything! But I did not expect to glue my butt to the floor! Thats
  • Judith W Rockport, TX
    I have the gauze curtains from Ika right now. Keeping a look out for outdoor fabric on sale. Gauze will not stand the high winds we get here off the Gulf for tong. but look so utherial Love the purple deck. Have purple trim on my home. Keeping in mind
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Judith...people put grommets in fabric drop clothes and hang them outside! The most economical fabric for the price. You do not even have to hem them unless you want to. Can press on ribbon and use same ribbon for tiebacks! You can put them on a rod if
  • Nancy S Erie, PA
    Jeanette I'm sorry butt (no pun intended) I'm sure it hurt like heck, but you just started my day off with a huge laugh...
  • Bridgette Sherman, TX
    this gives me and idea for next spring
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Coni B I just returned to your posting today & then looked at the colorful things I have done since your posting. Color changes ok to exciting. You are really exceptional at putting colors
  • Ann W Fort Pierce, FL
    such a fun garden very creative--reminds me of some of the yards you see in the neighborhoods of key west
  • Vicki Smyrna, GA
    hi again, I am back to check this lovely creative of ur's. plan to get fake "grass" carpet tan color to match my house color under my blow up swimming pool. will post pixies whenever I get "fake grass" carpet from home depot on sale and cpn together to
  • Jeannie Scott West Jefferson, NC
    Love love love the colors!!!!
  • B.J. B Lexington, MI
    Just what I think of when I think of Florida. What fabulous color combinations! You must smile all day long to be in such a happy place. You said you use Valspar inside. What did you use outside?
  • Jolene Radula Wemyss Huntington Beach, CA
    seriously LOVE IT!!!!
  • Grace Cambridge, MN
    Absolutely LOVE the purple walkway! Never been to the Caribbean, but that's what came to mind, some fun, colorful, vacation island somewhere. What a unique idea! =-)
  • Maritza Williston, FL
    Mrs Connie B, wondering around this web page and looking for ideas (we getting a new house soon) But my outside which is soooo biiiigggg! also our weather in central fl doesnt help at all with furniture and so. Well my name Maritza and live nearby