Bring Old Plastic Lawn Decor Back To Life

DIY 05.06.15
If you have old, faded plastic planters, plastic lawn chairs, or any plastic yard decor, did you know there is a simple way to revive it? Many folks don't realize that there is special spray paint made specifically for outdoor plastic, that will revive these faded items and make them look like new again. I'm so glad I didn't throw away these wonderful planters! With just a little cleaning and painting, my front porch has a whole new look.

For full, step-by-step instructions, visit my website, We Call It Junkin. Don't forget, you can often find plastic planters for cheap at yard sales and thrift stores, give them a little TLC with this method, and you'll have a great new look for a low, thrifty investment.

Time: 1 Hour Cost: $4.00 Difficulty: Easy

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  • MaryAnn B
    MaryAnn B Vancouver, WA
    I've been spraying my old planters for years. I just did two that were clay colored, sprayed with bronze and lightly sprayed on top of that with white. I do love the idea of shoe boxes. I know many folks who start seeds in them.
  • Margaret leavitt
    Margaret leavitt Haverhill, MA
    I love how this came out. I live the black shiny finish. I have a few large planters that are very faded. Will definitely try this. thanks for the tip...
  • Lori J
    Lori J Broken Bow, NE
    My first attempt at spray painting plastic was a huge failure and then I read that cleaning the plastic with ammonia is an important pre-step. No problems since. And I so agree about purchasing planters second hand. Much cheaper. Plus, since I like to
  • Dawn @ We Call It Junkin
    Thanks for your comments and great ideas everyone. Athena, I haven't tried my hand at wrought iron yet. I do have some metal motel chairs to re-do on my to do list. Good luck with your wrought iron. Plastic shoe boxes - smart!!!
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Dawn - where can I find this type of planter? I too have railings where I could use this shape. Thanks for posting this easy fix for faded planters.
  • Dawn @ We Call It Junkin
    Hi Liliana, what a pretty name you have! I believe mine were made by Apollo Plastics. I "Googled" 'plastic deck rail planters' and found a few sources to order them online, one that had them for only $12.99, which I think is less than I paid for mine
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Thank you, Dawn. I did find a source on the internet at twice the price you mentioned. So I will keep looking.
  • Patricia Cleveland
    Dawn@We Call It Junkin: I've used the spray paint to "revive" lots of outside furniture etc. but I haven't tried it on planters. I guess I was afraid some of the chemicals would leech into the soil?
  • Robin
    Robin North Lakewood, WA
    Liliana, I saw some deck rail planters at Rite Aid in their garden section and everything is 50% off right now too so much more affordable. Lowe's had them last time I was there too.
  • Rosemary Wight
    Rosemary Wight La Conner, WA
    I've been using that paint for years to make my lawn chairs look like new or to just color co-ordinate lol. I don't like white lol
  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    These are the things we usually tend to forget. Thanks so very much for bringing it up :)
  • Alice Wright
    Alice Wright Willard, OH
    How r u securing that to the rail? We get a lot of wind.
  • Dawn @ We Call It Junkin
    @Alice Wright the ones I have are shaped so that they "hug" the rail. If you look closely at the pic of it after it's painted black you'll see how it sits down over the rail. Search online you can hopefully fun some.
  • Kaioverbeck
    kaioverbeck Brookings, OR
    Go to Rite Aide they have the over the fence planters at 50% off.
  • Sis Ivd
    Sis Ivd Chicago Heights, IL
    Thanks for the tip! Now I can make all my planters the same color so they will no longer have that mismatched look! ❤️
Dawn @ We Call It Junkin