Making daylilies bloom again

6 days ago
Several varieties of daylily (Stella d'Oro, Blackeyed Stella, Happy Returns, etc) are known as reblooming daylilies. Their first bloom period is just about over here in GA. To encourage further blooming, immediately remove the seed pods, if present, and fertilize with liquid plant food. This will encourage the growth of new leaves, new tubers and new flower stems!

  • Bonnie Bassett
    Bonnie Bassett Hinsdale, NH
    I have some happy returns and they are re-blooming but I have been wondering if I should fertilize them what type or strength fertilizer is best for the daylilies I have some fish oil fertilizer is that good?
  • Bonnie Bassett
    Bonnie Bassett Hinsdale, NH
    Is it true that perennials do not like or need high nitrogen fertilizers ?
  • Idfix53
    I'd like to see a picture of hémérocallis named new smyrna"
  • Courtney T
    Courtney T Egg Harbor Township, NJ
    I'm back to report that I am getting some light reblooming of my Stella Doras this year. Last year after they bloomed I went out and cut off all the pod stems almost to the ground. I got no reblooming. This year I just popped off those pods after they
  • Lisa Kaplan Gordon
    Lisa Kaplan Gordon Mc Lean, VA
    I love Stella D'Oros. I planted one 10 years ago, and have made about 20 plants from the original that I've scattered around the yard. My only problem with them is that you can't really cut the blooms and place in a vase. They don't last. Has anyone
Walter Reeves