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DIY Porch Sign

This is as easy as you can imagine. A simple porch sign made from a print out I created on Picmonkey.
First I created this print out on PicMonkey, Creating my own words and fonts. If you haven't heard, Staples makes a great and easy print for cheap! I swung by my local Staples and had them print this for me in a 3'x3' format. From there I had a 1/4" plywood cut down to size to Modpodge this to the board.
Once the paper was sealed to the board and dried, it began to bubble a bit. This was my first time using mod podge, so I was freaking out. Fortunately, I had a Plan B (as always). I really wanted the piece to seem rustic and as though the words were on a piece of wood, so I embraced the bubbles. I began to take my dark wax out and added strokes to the paper. The imperfections began to show, but to my benefit. Before I knew it, it looked like a rustic piece. I added the frame, used the same dark wax to match, and had the hubby hang to the front porch.
Using a printed paper helps to make this easy, rather then stenciling each of those words. You must have a covered porch though, since this is still paper and if it is in a place where it can get wet...it won't work! I think it adds such character to the space and really grounds that area of the porch that felt "naked". Happy Porch Days"
Follow along as I add to the Curb Appeal of my Home.

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