How to Clean Vinyl Siding

cleaning hacks 3 days ago
It's not something you're proud of - your house is a little moldy around the edges. Yup, there's always that side of the house that doesn't get that much sun and the moisture builds up and mold happens. Thankfully there's an easy way to clean it to enjoy a mold free year! Here's how my husband and I went after our mold on our vinyl siding.

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  • Shirley Kalinosky
    Shirley Kalinosky Philipsburg, PA
    This coming Spring, I have to try these. I have a house that the side toward' the driveway is North. Lost of mold and green growing on the white siding. Thanks for the tips.
  • Pamela
    pamela Canada
    Borax and hot water works great too and also is great for cleaning and "unsliming" treated lumber decks etc. The wood looks fresh and clean and if the deck is older and wants a refresh you can then add a water sealent to freshen it up and make it look
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL
    You can also use chlorine. Here in Florida a lot of manufactured homes need frequent washing. I spray the chlorine on my house, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse off with the jet setting on my hose. Works great.
  • Judy Lyle
    Judy Lyle Erwin, TN
    We have one side of the house that gets the green looking stuff every winter. In the spring my husband sprays the side of our house with plain Clorax, let it stand for a few minutes then sprays off with a water hose!,,, All green is gone!! It looks so
  • PattyV
    PattyV Port Townsend, WA
    I used a Mr. Clean eraser that is attached to a pole. Light, light scrubbing and clean, clean, clean.
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