How to Clean Vinyl Siding

It's not something you're proud of - your house is a little moldy around the edges. Yup, there's always that side of the house that doesn't get that much sun and the moisture builds up and mold happens. Thankfully there's an easy way to clean it to enjoy a mold free year! Here's how my husband and I went after our mold on our vinyl siding. #CleaningTricks #CurbAppeal #vinylsiding
  • Clorox Pro Results that attaches to the hose.
  • Yuck! Check out that mold!
  • First step: spray down the siding with the cleaner attached to the hose.
  • Next, put your back into it. Scrub, baby, scrub!
  • Ah, literally squeaky clean!
  • Now that's a pretty sight!
  • Allforjesusineverthing
    There is no way that I am doing this. I am not going to spray chlorine and let it get in my dirt. I would never use chlorine in my house or in my yard. It's not safe.
  • Linda
    Linda New Florence, PA
    is this product ok to use on tan vinyl siding...won't hurt the color?
    • Megan Rapp
      Megan Rapp Lynchburg, VA
      Linda I have tan siding and it has been fine the years we've been using it. Based on that I would say it won't hurt it.
  • Marion Nesbitt
    Have you thought about a pressure washer. It has containers for solutions, too. Might not have to scrub so much!
    • Megan Rapp
      Megan Rapp Lynchburg, VA
      Marion Nesbitt Thanks for the idea! I heard that pressure washers could be hard on vinyl siding but many people have had success with them!
  • Carol Vermillion-Doerr
    I have and use a 2500 psi pressure washer on ours with the nozzle that is not- what I call the "death ray spray" which is the red nozzle on our system. I think the nozzle I use is white. At any rate, I then use simple green concentrate mixed with water.
  • Melia Pope
    Melia Pope Benton, TN
    I would love to wash my vinyl siding, but I have roses planted all around the house. Will the bleach hurt my flowers?
    • Megan Rapp
      Megan Rapp Lynchburg, VA
      Melia Pope The product that I used was made by Clorox specifically for outdoor use and did not hurt my plants. However, you may want to test a little area before you apply it on all of your house and subsequently on your roses.
Megan Rapp