trying to remove a shower head that won't turn without turning the pipe that go's into the wall.

What do I use to loosen the shower head so I can remove it?
  • Imagery
    Imagery Littleton, CO

    The base of the shower head should have two flat areas that an open-ended / open-ended adjustable wrench would fit. Then

  • Dave
    Dave El Cajon, CA
    tried....the shower head has been screwed on for 15 years and won't budge......what to do?
  • Imagery
    Imagery Littleton, CO
    Dave, I've tried CLR or similar works great, but is a chemical, so wear rubber gloves and eye protection....It will free up the mineral deposits quickly, or alternatively, replace the shower are as well as the shower head...They aren't very expensive, an
  • Dave
    Dave El Cajon, CA
    will try and let you know
  • James A
    James A Roswell, GA
    If the CLR or WD40 doesn't work, you may have to use a wrench to hold the pipe, use a washrag to protect the finish.
  • Hudson Designs
    Hudson Designs Loganville, GA
    Here's how I do it. Get two adjustable wrenches. You also need a dish glove. Adjust one wrench to fit the pipe. now lay the glove over the teeth of the wrench and place it on the pipe. Use to other wrench shower head. Hole the pipe side while turning the
  • Brent B
    Brent B Woodstock, GA
    I would try the channel locks and some liquid wrench, Dave.
  • General Construction and Repair Services
    A new pipe is cheap! Toss both old pieces and start fresh. Don't forget to use teflon (preferably paste/liquid) on both threaded ends!!
  • Paul Slayton Contracting
    What's the big deal about not taking the pipe out? I seems like you're going to more trouble by trying to leave it in. Are you worried about not getting a good seal inside the wall? You have almost as much risk having to force the current head off and
  • Yamini M
    Yamini M Duluth, GA
    I always use a little grease and it works, sometime I just use cooking Oil and have lossened a many tight nuts.
  • Sean W
    Sean W Atlanta, GA
    Penatraiting oil in a spray can will be your best bet to loosen the seized threads.
  • John lucia
    John lucia Palomar Mountain, CA
    cloth and pipe wrench
  • Hudson Designs
    Hudson Designs Loganville, GA
    You need 2 small pipe wrenches / Channel lock pliers, and rubber dish glove. Rap the glove over the pipe in the wall. Hold it tight with tool over rubber so not to scratch. Use the other tool on the shower head. Facing the head turn the shower head