The Top Four Backsplash Tiles Of ALL Time | Hometalk
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  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    AK Complete Home... Marietta, GA

    It's really neat that so many like #1! That kitchen actually won us an award, so I guess the feeling was mutual ;) And, Laura, the kitchen with the stainless steel backsplash has a black countertop. What about that? Steel does look gorgeous with

  • Betty W
    Betty W Shelbyville, KY

    like Donald T's the best

  • Laura K
    Laura K Lincoln University, PA

    @AK funny its hard to tell that that counters are black since the stainless is so shiny :) I never thought about the blue..That is great too. But I do like the stainless best. Would like more information about that please. My kitchen appliances

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA

    Since my home is older, I like the mosiac more than the more modern treatments. Good work!

  • Cathy B
    Cathy B Phoenix, AZ

    Iam so over backslashes, I'm enjoying seeing wall