• Wendy O
    Wendy O Chanhassen, MN
    I like them all! I really wanted a blue backsplash when we re-did our kitchen but decided i may get tired of it. Went with a brown penny tile. It was a firs time tile project & I LOVE it!! It makes the room!!
  • Suzanne C
    Suzanne C Phoenix, AZ
    3rd one is my favorite, then the 2nd one, although I'd take the 1st!
  • Kathy D
    Kathy D Brick, NJ
    I like the glass crackled or curve....
  • Laura K
    Laura K Lincoln University, PA
    I have a faux slate looking counter top with cherry/mahogany colored cabinets. We wanted to put up some kind of a backsplash but we have been stuck. I love the mosaic stone look (strata stones has them) but im so torn on what color, pattern, etc to
  • LouAnne S
    LouAnne S Antioch, CA
    I really like the stainless steel, but would not like cleaning it. My Mr. Clean sponge gets enuf of a workout on my SS appliances, which I don't think I would do again either......LOL
  • Johna D
    Johna D Fayetteville, NC
    I like the bottom right, nice and clean, not busy.
  • Laura K
    Laura K Lincoln University, PA
    Just to add, part of my problem is that all the counter tops with backsplashes are LIGHT.. ours is BLACK... hence the problem!
  • Tom S
    Tom S Nelsonville, OH
    # 1 keeps saying Tom, Tom.
  • Vicki R
    I love #1. Nice & bright and would go with any color! And, would look great in my kitchen.
  • Donald T
    Donald T Sandusky, OH
    Did this one last year! This should be in the top Four!!
  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    It's really neat that so many like #1! That kitchen actually won us an award, so I guess the feeling was mutual ;) And, Laura, the kitchen with the stainless steel backsplash has a black countertop. What about that? Steel does look gorgeous with Cherry.
  • Betty W
    Betty W Shelbyville, KY
    like Donald T's the best
  • Laura K
    Laura K Lincoln University, PA
    @AK funny its hard to tell that that counters are black since the stainless is so shiny :) I never thought about the blue..That is great too. But I do like the stainless best. Would like more information about that please. My kitchen appliances are
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Since my home is older, I like the mosiac more than the more modern treatments. Good work!
  • Cathy B
    Cathy B Phoenix, AZ
    Iam so over backslashes, I'm enjoying seeing wall
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