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Homemade Ant Bait

Ants are especially bad this year in our region (Delaware) but I have been able to keep them at bay using this homemade bait for any of the little fellows who try to set up shop in my home.

ANT BAIT: 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup very warm water, 2 TBS Borax

I have had fantastic results with this mixture, in these proportions, on a variety of ants. **Make sure to keep these baits far away from pets and curious toddlers as it can be harmful and toxic to both.** When not in use, I keep the bait mixture in my fridge in a glass container on the bottom shelf, marked “ANT BAIT” in bold letters. If you have trouble getting rid of the ants, you can try adding a bit more borax, but if you add too much the ants grow wise to your scheme and reject the bait. See photos below and my blog for more information!

To see more: http://cloverandthyme.com/2013/04/09/never-failed-me-yet-ant-bait/

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  • Mark Irby Southport, NC
    Corn meal works and what they don't eat is easy to clean up.
    • Sue Weiker Napoleon, OH
      Mark Irby I started using cornmeal a few years ago because we have a cat and dogs, and it works wonderfully.. Only have to sweep up what is left.
  • Charlotte R Richmond, VA
    It does work but not in 24 hours. The queen isn't exactly starving and waiting to be fed. And the queen isn't the only ones eating the bait. I lived on the third floor and had an army of sugar ants crawling through the cabinet wall. I used sugar, borax,
    • Charlotte R We had them on the kitchen counter. something i will never get used to..
    • Carolyn Omaha, NE
      Ilene Rubin When I was Arkansas I baked a cake a sit it on the counter..within then minutes the ants came from what seemed like everywhere and was devouring my cake. I had read an article
  • Amy Robbins Oskaloosa, KS
    Chaulking around windows, doors, and foundation helped me more than anything. They are hard to kill you just need to keep them put.
  • Lori Kelly Elkview, WV
    It's called Terminix SafeShield. I tried everything. Cornmeal, cucumber rind(they ate it!), pieces of lemon or lemon juice for the citrus, Equal (takes care of them but there's white powder scattered everywhere and how long should one leave it!?).
  • Janet Bergner Madison, WI
    You can also mix powdered sugar and borax together as a powder and sprinkle it outside the door jam or in a window sill...ants track it back to the nest and kills the larvae too. It can talk a week or so but eventually it does work. Borax is toxic for
  • Sue Gilman Waterville, ME
    I use molasses and yeast no water! paint them on pieces of cardboard, doesn't hurt kids or animals, the ants go back to the nest feed the queen and she blows up without her no more babies.
  • Sue Gilman Waterville, ME
    Sorry sometimes I forget to tell people it is one to one. I use a tablespoon of each take a paint brush and put it on old boxes like cereal boxes, it really goes a long way. when I first moved into my house my grandchildren would help and watch the ants
  • Beth Madison, WV
    Powdered sugar and baking soda and water works well too. Make a paste.
  • Diane LaBarge Dry Fork, VA
    I keep my bait under the kitchen sink and have not seen an ant on my counter in months. I check weekly to make sure the cotton ball/tissue is still moist. The ants just love it.