Homemade Ant Bait

Ants are especially bad this year in our region (Delaware) but I have been able to keep them at bay using this homemade bait for any of the little fellows who try to set up shop in my home.

ANT BAIT: 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup very warm water, 2 TBS Borax

I have had fantastic results with this mixture, in these proportions, on a variety of ants. **Make sure to keep these baits far away from pets and curious toddlers as it can be harmful and toxic to both.** When not in use, I keep the bait mixture in my fridge in a glass container on the bottom shelf, marked “ANT BAIT” in bold letters. If you have trouble getting rid of the ants, you can try adding a bit more borax, but if you add too much the ants grow wise to your scheme and reject the bait. See photos below and my blog for more information!

  • I mix the ingredients listed above together thoroughly in a glass measuring cup. I stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, then I dip a cotton cosmetic pad into the solution. I then place the saturated pad on a plastic lid.
  • I place the bait right in the line of ant traffic and wait. Pretty soon the bait will be crawling with ants. Don't kill them! They will take the mixture home to their queen and in 24 hrs there should be no trace of them in your home.

To see more: http://cloverandthyme.com/2013/04/09/never-failed-me-yet-ant-bait/

  • Gail Quarles
    Gail Quarles Livingston, MT
    Suddenly we have earwigs, arghhh, outside no prob, but inside ?? Help!!!
  • Linda T
    Linda T Stewartstown, PA
    I am not that thrilled with little ants, but they don't freak me out. After all, like earth worms and other critters, ants help aerate the soil, so if you are a gardener be glad they are there. I will, however, try the borax/cornmeal, whatever it takes,
  • Jasmine
    Jasmine East Stroudsburg, PA
    thanks for sharing! i will try this.
  • Yvonne Van Brimmer
    Yvonne Van Brimmer Apple Valley, CA
    I've sprinkled corn grits(dry) in the ants byways & they are gone after about 3 days.
  • Penster47
    Penster47 Verona, MO
    I keep cinnamon in all my kitchen drawers for bugs, used to use ground cloves until they got so expensive. Haven't had any in over a year. Going to try the ant bait, have used Terro, but it is expensive too.
  • Judy
    Judy Grants Pass, OR
    If you can see where they're coming in just sprinkle a line of any powdery substance (cinnamon works well & smells good too) & the ants won't cross it. This has worked for me for years.
  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    For Barbara Mask re: roaches in the kitchen. I had a problem with them in the pots and pans cabinet. (yes I freaked) Get Dial soap and cut it up into small chunks, then place in all four corners of your cabinets and the oven drawer.Under the stove,
  • Sherry
    Sherry Canada
    I have ant hills full of tiny ants all over my new landscaping, driving me crazy. I just put out cornmeal as I have pets. If this doesn't work, does anyone else have a safe, non-toxic solution?
  • Shelley S
    Shelley S Toledo, OH
    I use Borax straight out of the box on ant hills outside. Dead and gone.
  • Carol Smith
    I use spray bleach for immediate kill (when they are swarming your counters...I am too disgusted to deal with it any other way) and squirt some right at the entrance. We also use powdered DE diatomaceous earth (food grade) all over for a day or two (
  • Jean R
    Jean R Craftsbury Common, VT
    Thanks. I have sugar ants by my sink. Will try the fix.
  • Debbie L
    Debbie L Sacramento, CA
    To keep all but ants out of the bait- put bait on lid of any plastic tub. Invert and have holes punched in the sides of the tub. Just bait the holes and there you have an Ant Motel! Also... I use corn syrup and the borax.
  • Susan M
    Susan M San Bernardino, CA
    well give it a try
  • Barbara Hansen
    Barbara Hansen Vacaville, CA
    I love diatomaceous earth to keep the crawlies away, and if I add a bit of boric acid to it, it works on EVERYTHING! Borax hasn't served my needs, but boric acid does, and plain white vinegar as a wash, a wipe, window cleaner, weed killer, and a plethora
  • Wanda Bruster
    Wanda Bruster Richmond, VA
    Lemon Lysol. Wipe down everything in the areas you see them, i.e. kitchen counters. If you can find their point of entrance, get that area too. That way you're cleaning and you won't leave any extra lemon residue in site. Should get rid of them and
Becky - Clover and Thyme