Ideas on How to Recycle Wine Bottles

outdoor living 20 hours ago
My six ideas on recycling wine bottles.
  • Recycled wine bottle torches
  • recycled wine bottle planters
  • RECYCLED wine bottles made into windchimes by Liftingupspirits
  • self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle
  • Bottle Lamp
  • Recycled Contemporary Vases made in bottle

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  • Suz
    Suz Oklahoma City, OK
    ...what a "great" way to recycle wine bottles! Looking forward to making something that is useful yet pleasing too the eye(s) Thanks Sarah!
  • Sarah Horne
    Sarah Horne United Kingdom
    Thanks Ira
  • Mary Sevey
    Mary Sevey Janesville, IA
    love all of these awesome ideas, great job you have done on all of them!
  • Julie G.
    Julie G. Peaster, TX
    I made the wine bottle planters with my 7/8th grade art students for their mothers for Mother's Day this year. The hardest part was taking the labels off of 50+ bottles [my principal would not let me bring them with the labels on.] I found that the
  • J. S. Howie
    J. S. Howie West Sacramento, CA
    I am always amazed at the creative spirit. That hanging lamp is fantastic looking.
Sarah Horne