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  • Julie G.
    Julie G. Peaster, TX

    I made the wine bottle planters with my 7/8th grade art students for their mothers for Mother's Day this year. The hardest part was taking the labels off of 50+ bottles [my principal would not let me bring them with the labels on.] I found that the

    • Mjkmoore

      I love using old wine bottles as planters. You are right - the scoring cold and hot water method is chancy. Please tell us about the string/acetone/fire method.
      I would love to try it! Thank you!

  • J. S. Howie
    J. S. Howie West Sacramento, CA

    I am always amazed at the creative spirit. That hanging lamp is fantastic looking.

  • B. McGee
    B. McGee Monterey, TN

    How can I get these ideas to post on my Pinterest

    • Grandmasue10

      @B. McGee Move your mouse to the top of the picture where a "Pin it" sign in red should appear. If you are signed up with Pinterest, It will go to your board. Then you click on that.

  • RAE
    RAE Brigantine, NJ

    Each one is Unique! I just love them. My sister in TX saved them for 7 years to do a garden project However, God had other plans for her. Have you ever seen them in the garden in place of bricks? They reflect the sun and it is lovely.This was her

    • Grandmasue10

      @Sheri Gomez From the tutorials I have seen, it isn't easy. There is a wooden frame to steady the bottle, and a bottle cutter can be purchased at a hardware store. The burning string, I have heard, can be uneven.

  • Kathleen Gibb

    hi im new to hometalk .. can u tell me how to get the intructions on how to make the planters please...

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