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trellis with planter boxes the I made for storm damaged branches.

I look for branches that are close to the same thickness, cut them to about 16-18 inches and first screw them together with wood screws then go over the screws with jute string. The overhead front of the trellis header has the word "welcome" that I made with sticks and short screws . The planter boxes are thick branches that I cut in half and nailed together so that the trellis will fit inside of them. I did use some 3 1/2" plastic pipes to slide the trellis into so it doesn't rot in the dirt. We had a tornado and I got to get all the branches I wanted and the trellises sell like crazy!
  • trellis with planter boxes the i made for storm damaged branches, outdoor living

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  • Sandra T
    Sandra T Harrison, AR

    very nice. A claiming rose are a good vine would look nice

  • Denise
    Denise Mobile, AL

    Natural and beautiful!

  • Sandra L
    Sandra L Orland Park, IL

    Thank you everyone!

  • Nancy Garrison
    Nancy Garrison Hodgenville, KY

    This is beautiful! It's my style. I love making things out of sticks, rocks, anything I can find outside in my backyard or field!

  • Sarah
    Sarah Lafayette, TN

    Looks great! !

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