Backyard Chickens #petideas

Our chicken tractor is complete! We are looking forward to having our chickens be a part of our organic garden! The Backyard chicken movement is growing quickly. The birds are wonderful at eating bugs and weeds in the garden. You can also compost their bedding and poo. Organic eggs are a bonus! More on the blog:
Time: 5 Days Cost: $250.00 Difficulty: Challenging
My husband built this chicken "tractor" from plans we found on the internet.
It's about 10 feet long and has two stories. The birds roost in the top and have the bottom space for exploring.
The side of the roof has a removable door for easy access.
Here the birds roost and will lay eggs.
The run pulls up for security at night with the help of a repurposed telephone cord.
The girls like their new home! It can be moved around the yard to any location thanks to the flip down wheels we added.

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  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Stoughton, WI
    We currently have 5, but there is room for 6 chickens in this coop.
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    I didn't quite understand what you meant by you can pull the run up for security???? maybe there was something i wasn't seeing.....???? can you explain more about it or maybe post another pic ...tyvm . Chris
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    My bad.... i think i just figured it run "I THINK" you meant the little stairs (so to speak) that the chickens go up into the roost by??? is that right? tyvm .Chris
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Stoughton, WI
    Mary C. Yes, I call the little stairs the "run".
  • Cindy
    Cindy Colorado Springs, CO
    I love your coop for your chickens! It is so darn cute!

    Oh my daughter would just love your chicken coop! She loves her chickens

Jessica C