• Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    Cute coop, Jessica! :)
  • Shelly Troup
    Shelly Troup Center Point, IA
    Awesome! I have 33 chickens!
  • Barbara Brousseau O'Donnell
    Nothing like knowing the chickens that give you eggs ! :)
  • Nicolette Roux
    so cute!
  • Pat Safron
    Pat Safron Canada
    can't tell what gauge wire you use but I hope its heavy to keep the other animals out that like chicken and fresh eggs.........its a super idea well done!
  • Sondra A
    Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Very nice coop! I used to raise chickens and do miss the fresh organic eggs very much. The city I live in has ruled against backyard chickens but I am still hoping that will change soon.
  • Lucie Elvin
    Lucie Elvin Winchester, VA
    I moved to neighbor developement (all fenced in back yards) and they don't allow chickens, I miss mine. With all the talk about sustainable living, orangic food. I wish more communities would allow them'. I'd even promise to mot have roosters. (Though I
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    The chicken wire we used is plastic coated, not sure of the gauge but the holes are rather small, perhaps 1"? Hope that helps!
  • Jeanette
    Jeanette Bradenton, FL
    how many chickens will fit in coop house?
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    We currently have 5, but there is room for 6 chickens in this coop.
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    I didn't quite understand what you meant by you can pull the run up for security???? maybe there was something i wasn't seeing.....???? can you explain more about it or maybe post another pic ...tyvm . Chris
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    My bad.... i think i just figured it out...by run "I THINK" you meant the little stairs (so to speak) that the chickens go up into the roost by??? is that right? tyvm .Chris
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    Mary C. Yes, I call the little stairs the "run".
  • Cindy
    Cindy Colorado Springs, CO
    I love your coop for your chickens! It is so darn cute!

    Oh my daughter would just love your chicken coop! She loves her chickens

Jessica C