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DIY Greenhouse for Approx. $50

Growing Tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest can be a challenge, so I made this greenhouse to protect my plants from the rainy weather. Using a few simple materials from the hardware store this simple structure was done in about an hour.
  • diy greenhouse for approx 50, gardening, Small greenhouse approx 4 1 2 H x 3 W x 8 L
The green house is approx. 4 1/2'H x 3' W x 8' L. It's perfect for early spring and fall crops for protecting from frost.
  • diy greenhouse for approx 50, gardening, Simple base frame with wood boards and corners braces
Simple base, just a square made out of 2x4's
Tomatoes in grow bags, to get the Full details on how to put this green house in less than an hour, follow the link below!

To see more: http://www.sowanddipity.com/polytunnel-tutorial/

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  • Georgia R
    Georgia R Star City, AR

    I like this set up!

  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA

    What a way to get them through the late spring rains. Mine are about gone already; too much rain and too cool in the evenings. Time to go get tow more bigger plants for the hanging planters and try some more. I just love fresh tomatoes. Red one to

  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL

    I like the rebar instruction to slide the pvc over. I will make one before winter if I can possibly find the time. Thanks Shelly S. You put a lot of time into these instructions for us.

  • Ana Alvarez

    How early can you get your tomatoes outside? I also live in the Vancouver area. Thanks!

  • Sandi Remedios

    This looks great and would really help to extend the gardening season. And easy to remove and put away when no longer needed.

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