DIY Greenhouse for approx. $50

Greenhouse DIY 03.30.15
Growing Tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest can be a challenge, so I made this greenhouse to protect my plants from the rainy weather. Using a few simple materials from the hardware store this simple structure was done in about an hour. To get the full tutorial visit my blog @ #diygreenhouse
  • Small greenhouse approx. 4 1/2' H x 3' W x 8' L
  • Simple base frame with wood boards and corners braces
  • Tomatoes in grow bags
  • Sow and Dipity
    Thanks for the comments folks!! @ Bernice H...I live in Langley, BC just outside of Vancouver ( Canadian Eh?) We have two seasons here....wet & hot. So, this structure is meant to be a protective ( temporary) barrier from the rains since Tomatoes get the
  • Georgia R
    Georgia R Star City, AR
    I like this set up!
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    What a way to get them through the late spring rains. Mine are about gone already; too much rain and too cool in the evenings. Time to go get tow more bigger plants for the hanging planters and try some more. I just love fresh tomatoes. Red one to eat
  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    I like the rebar instruction to slide the pvc over. I will make one before winter if I can possibly find the time. Thanks Shelly S. You put a lot of time into these instructions for us.
  • Ana Alvarez
    Ana Alvarez Canada
    How early can you get your tomatoes outside? I also live in the Vancouver area. Thanks!
Sow and Dipity

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