A horse gate and sawhorse... for bedroom furniture

Headboards 02.14.15
I'll admit, this is not your typical bedroom suite! But I find great joy out of creating something from basically nothing. And such was the case with this project.

Both the gate and sawhorse were found in another's burn pile. The gate received some fun hooks, the 'bedding' was created from some sheets and linens on hand and the bedroom was complete! For free. :)


To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2012/05/how-to-decorate-bedroom-with-messy.html

  • Linda M
    Linda M Clinton Township, MI
    I love the bedding but having a hard time figuring it out. Gotta keep looking at it! Its great Donna. Gonna check out the website. Thanks for shraing.
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Love it. Wish I had it as a girl! Love all the rustic accessories and the rusty ones too. The beauty is in the age.
  • Debi M
    Debi M Washington, NC
    I love doing this also. It just speaks of your artistic ability & personality
  • Pat S
    Pat S Titusville, FL
    love the look!!!
  • Ruthie Mae P
    Ruthie Mae P Coatesville, PA
    Would give me night 'mares', hehe
  • Pam R
    Pam R Petaluma, CA
    Rustic meets Shabby Chic! Love it! Very original, there certainly won't be another one like it!
  • Judy C
    Judy C Bennington, NE
    I love it & I've never been around horses in my life. Just really like the shabby chic look & old things.
  • Crystal G
    Crystal G Orlando, FL
    what a cute idea! love it!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    You had me at rumpled bed!
  • Candylei Y
    Candylei Y Potomac, MD
    Love the headboard!;-)
  • Shabby French Country Cottage Basement
    Hey! I just found Hometalk last night and look who's already here and posting her gorgeous work! I love this and everything else you do. You have more talent than anyone I've ever known. I think I've told you that before too! lol!
  • Roanna K
    Roanna K Sacramento, CA
    This is such a great idea! I love the look and you did such a wonderful job. So pretty.
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    Of course it looks fantastic...Donna's magnificent!
  • Charlotte Teene
    Charlotte Teene Bellevue, MI
    It's cool, but I think, no barb wire....
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