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  • YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com
    Love this AND LOVE the staging! Always leaves me wanting to improve!
  • Linda M
    Linda M Clinton Township, MI
    I love the bedding but having a hard time figuring it out. Gotta keep looking at it! Its great Donna. Gonna check out the website. Thanks for shraing.
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Love it. Wish I had it as a girl! Love all the rustic accessories and the rusty ones too. The beauty is in the age.
  • Debi M
    Debi M Washington, NC
    I love doing this also. It just speaks of your artistic ability & personality
  • Pat S
    Pat S Titusville, FL
    love the look!!!
  • Ruthie Mae P
    Ruthie Mae P Coatesville, PA
    Would give me night 'mares', hehe
  • Pam R
    Pam R Petaluma, CA
    Rustic meets Shabby Chic! Love it! Very original, there certainly won't be another one like it!
  • Judy B
    Judy B Bennington, NE
    I love it & I've never been around horses in my life. Just really like the shabby chic look & old things.
  • Crystal G
    Crystal G Orlando, FL
    what a cute idea! love it!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    You had me at rumpled bed!
  • Candylei Y
    Candylei Y Potomac, MD
    Love the headboard!;-)
  • Shabby French Country Cottage Basement
    Hey! I just found Hometalk last night and look who's already here and posting her gorgeous work! I love this and everything else you do. You have more talent than anyone I've ever known. I think I've told you that before too! lol!
  • Roanna K
    Roanna K Sacramento, CA
    This is such a great idea! I love the look and you did such a wonderful job. So pretty.
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    Of course it looks fantastic...Donna's magnificent!
  • Charlotte Teene
    Charlotte Teene Bellevue, MI
    It's cool, but I think, no barb wire....
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