Hand made cheese press and cheese

CHEESE (MAKING) 05.08.16
We was thinking about making homemade cheese. I researched and Bob made me the press. Than I stared making cheese and I love making it as much as we love eating it.

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  • Micky D
    Micky D Montgomery, AL
    Id like to do this myself! But live in Alabama and the Humidity is Minimum 80% most of the time!! Dont have a basement,
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    My brother has been making cheese for a few years now...someday I may give it a whirl too. From the looks of your storage area it look like you do a bit a home canning too.
  • Ladena S
    Ladena S Ava, MO
    Yes I can up about 300 quarts of stuff each year we love the idea of we know whats in it. KMS I think everyone needs to give it a try it is so good fresh. Micky D An old refrigerator turned down to 65* with a bowl of water in it will do just fine for
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Labneh is really good. Basically, you drain plain yogurt in cheesecloth. It makes a great low-fat or no-fat cream cheese substitute for bagels, etc. My favorite breakfast is the traditional Lebanese spread of fruit, olives, labneh and pita bread.
  • Ladena S
    Ladena S Ava, MO
    that sounds good I love bagels
Ladena S