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  • Becky C Moberly, MO
    I`d sure like to sample your cheese! I`m in Moberly, Mo.
  • Ladena S Ava, MO
    It is very good. My husband likes it sharper than I do. Nice to hear from others from Missouri
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    I know people who have made mozzarella, but cheddar and pepper jack and such seem quite a bit more ambitious. Nice work.
  • Melanie P Exeter, CA
    i have made cheese for years!! we have milked our own cow too. my press looks alot like yours. be real careful about the temp in the room where you store your cheese, if it gets too hot or cold, mold will start to grow on cheese or bubble up the wax,
  • Ladena S Ava, MO
    RE: Steve Thank you we have made mozzarella too it is so much better homemade.. Melanie We get our supplies from New England. So far so good on the cheese ( knock on wood) We enjoy making it. I have been very careful on making it and storing it. We have
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    I love some homemade mozzarella. And my mom used to make labneh, which is a Lebanese yogurt cheese. But I don't think I have had the pleasure of trying other homemade cheese.
  • Ladena S Ava, MO
    They are great Steve nothing like fresh cheese. Labneh sounds good too never tried it before.
  • Micky D Montgomery, AL
    Id like to do this myself! But live in Alabama and the Humidity is Minimum 80% most of the time!! Dont have a basement,
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    My brother has been making cheese for a few years now...someday I may give it a whirl too. From the looks of your storage area it look like you do a bit a home canning too.
  • Ladena S Ava, MO
    Yes I can up about 300 quarts of stuff each year we love the idea of we know whats in it. KMS I think everyone needs to give it a try it is so good fresh. Micky D An old refrigerator turned down to 65* with a bowl of water in it will do just fine for
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Labneh is really good. Basically, you drain plain yogurt in cheesecloth. It makes a great low-fat or no-fat cream cheese substitute for bagels, etc. My favorite breakfast is the traditional Lebanese spread of fruit, olives, labneh and pita bread.
  • Ladena S Ava, MO
    that sounds good I love bagels
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