Outdoor Chair Planter Project

Decor diy 4 days ago
A while back I was walking down an alley and came across an old chair. Most would have passed right by it, thinking it was garbage. I, however, could see the infinite beauty in this worn down, cast aside chair with no seat. With a little work, I was able to create this little piece of sunshine in the back of my garden.

Here is the summary of the project, but you will find much more detail on the blog: http://gardentherapy.ca/outdoor-chair-planter...

To see more: http://gardentherapy.ca/outdoor-chair-planter-project/

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  • Denise Kilgus McBride
    Denise Kilgus McBride Philadelphia, PA
    I saw the perfect chair put out in the trash last Friday morning, but alas, I was on my way somewhere in a hurry and couldn't stop to grab it!! It's gone now :( but I hope I get another chance like that soon.
  • Nancy a Butcher
    Nancy a Butcher Chillicothe, OH
    I love this I have 2 of them & my dogs can"t get to them.. ha ha !!!
  • Deborah Jean of DANDELION HOUSE BLOG
    Love love love this project! I just started painting some of my " finds" with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. in English Yellow! So bright and cheery. Your garden chair is a vision of delight from top to bottom!
  • Sirkku
    Sirkku Finland
    Really fun idea
  • Sally Barnett Fairchild
    I work in a thrift shop in Hood River OR. We have a steady stream of these old cool chairs. $5. They sit around for months waiting to be repurposed like this . Great idea!!
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