Yellow is the IT Color for 2014!

Kitchen 03.18.15

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Yellow. People love it or hate it. Done right, I love it. Done wrong, well.. just get me out of there. Yellow is a home decor color you can be bold with.

The upside is it always makes a statement. The downside is, its not always easy work. If wall paint is too hard, use it as an accent color instead.

Yellow painted walls have a nasty way of showing the color underneath it after a few years.

The great thing about yellow is that it works the best when it challenges its surroundings. Your room decorating ideas suddenly look better. Like milky yellow with clear blues.

There is at least one yellow that will speak to your muted gray or chocolate color scheme. Soft and pale or strong and mango vibrant. Sharp yellow against dark purples or rusts.

Yellow is incredibly versatile.

  • Yellow takes on whatever it's placed next to. Here with red, it takes on a red hue.
  • Yellow curtains in dark rooms will help make the room appear as if it has more natural light.
  • If you are not used to decorating with yellow, try using a little and adding to it to get the right amount of yellow in your rooms.
  • Yellow cushions can be enough to create a yellow color scheme.
  • Yellow painted walls are perfect as long as you get the undertone right, so you don't end up with green or muddied walls in a few years.
  • The range of yellow, from daffodil to duck yellow means it's incredibly versatile as a color scheme.
  • This room may not look as if it has a yellow color scheme but look at the components; from candles, walls, lamps and yellow book spines and yellow waxed furniture.
  • You can add yellow in lots of ways; lamp bases, cushions, porcelain pieces and even crockery.

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  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    I love yellow, Christine! Most people are scared to use it because it's such a punchy color, but I think it's so bright and happy. And there are so many pretty shades of pale, softer yellow for minimalists.
  • Christine - Decorated Life
    I know Alexandra! It is a happy color - and that's exactly what we need.. more happy..

    I love it with pink too..

  • Txvoodoo
    Txvoodoo Fort Worth, TX
    My experiences with yellow - stick with soft, buttercup tints of it, or bright sunny with lots of white. Steer away from orangey or mustardy shades for big areas - light plays with those hues badly.
  • Christine - Decorated Life
    Great advice Txvoodoo, you need to account for your natural lighting.
  • Txvoodoo
    Txvoodoo Fort Worth, TX
    Around 1978, my mom decided to add some yellow to her federal/chinoiserie styled family room, which previously had LOTS of black with some very 60s orangey accents. She had a lovely bucket chair with ebony-stained wood that had been something
Christine - Decorated Life

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