Vertical Gardening with a Repurposed Ladder

Patio 08.14.15
I fell in love with this old ladder, and turned it into a vertical garden. I painted small clay pots, then drilled holes in the ladder steps where I wanted the pots to sit. Using a bolt, nut, and bent washer to allow for drainage, I attached the pots so they wouldn't blow off the ladder in the wind. And then I got to planting! It created visual interest on my patio, and a practical planting solution for a small space. You can check out the details, and more repurposed projects at Thanks for looking! :)

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  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Ingenious way to keep the drainage. Well-done.
  • Ann S
    Ann S Albany, GA
    great idea will also keep cats from knocking them off
  • Ann S
    Ann S Albany, GA
    mandevilla vine would grow nice on the paint step or sweet potatoe vine, or morning glory,
Kristen M