"Mirabella and Isadora's Cottage"

My playhouse 02.27.16
This is our little 1 and 3 year old granddaughters' little abode. My Husband and I build it from a kit that we sent away for from the Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont. The cottage is really a storage shed for our garden equipment. When our granddaughters come from out of state we transform it into their playhouse. All of our equipment goes under a tarp behind it. We furnished it with odds and ends that we "shopped" for in our basement. I apologize for picture quality. I'm not very good at it but you can get the idea.

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  • Kim Hayes
    Kim Hayes Pasadena, MD
    How incredibly cute!! Wish I was little and one of your granddaughters!! Beautiful job
  • SYNLawn Of Kansas City
    SYNLawn Of Kansas City Lees Summit, MO
    How adorable. What lucky kids.
  • Janieac
    Janieac Las Cruces, NM
    My grandfather made his ice fishing shack into a playhouse of all us grandchildren...That was back in the early 60's...There were always homemade cookies in a cookie jar out there when ever we would come over...It was so magical..your grandchildren will
    • B.J. B
      B.J. B Lexington, MI
      Janieac Thank you Janieac! I have similar memories that I treasure.
  • Lisa
    Lisa Wausau, WI
    So pretty! What a great idea and wonderful for your grandchildren to have a special place. I'd love it in my own back yard to enjoy!
  • Marsha Gail Strickholm
    i'm 61 and would love it for my get away place
  • Linda H
    Linda H Washington, IA
    will you adopt me????
  • Anita Daniels
    Anita Daniels Manassas, VA
    too cute, what a wonderful thing to do, looks fantastic. I bet the children love it.
    • B.J. B
      B.J. B Lexington, MI
      Anita Daniels Thanks Anita. The children do love it. When they visited over Christmas they wanted to play in their cottage but we had over a foot of snow. They live out of state and will have to wait for their summer visit.
  • Tasha Vaughn
    Tasha Vaughn South Bend, IN
    I daydream about creating a space like this for my daughter.
    • B.J. B
      B.J. B Lexington, MI
      Tasha Vaughn What's nice is that after we build it we decorated it from shopping our basement, so it really didn't cost anything.
  • B.J. B
    B.J. B Lexington, MI
    This little cottage is so versatile. You could use it for a little get away nook for yourself, or use it for a garden shed or whatever. We also have a kitty who thinks it's hers. I already have a garden shed so unless my granddaughters are visiting from
  • Syree
    Syree Eatonton, GA
    I love this cottage; it is absolutely beautiful inside and outside. I am a 59-year-old girl and want one; so no, @Lori Dowell, I don't think it's too late to get one for your 8-year-old. :-)
  • Barbara Straczynski
    Barbara Straczynski Sayreville, NJ
    Love this cute house, it looks pretty big inside.......lucky kids!!!!!!!!
  • Ann Kenopic
    Ann Kenopic Canada
    was always my dream.So Beautiful.
  • Lori Parker Dowell
    Lori Parker Dowell Charlotte, NC
    I love the cottage! So, for those of you who have had a playhouse...is it too late to get one for an 8 year old little girl? Has she already outgrown it or the idea?
  • Terrie Cook
    Terrie Cook Pittsburgh, PA
    Such a darling cottage. I'm sure your granddaughters will treasure the memories!
  • Harriett Anderson
    Harriett Anderson Danbury, IA
    What good grandparents you are! My granddaughters have an old brooder house with plywood over most windows & no rug for comfort. Guess I'd better get busy!! I am inspired.
    • B.J. B
      B.J. B Lexington, MI
      Harriett Anderson Thanks Harriett. I'm sure your little abode is special to your granddaughters. It's fun to decorate a little space. I'd love to see your brooder house when you are finished.
B.J. B