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"Mirabella and Isadora's Cottage"

This is our little 1 and 3 year old granddaughters' little abode. My Husband and I build it from a kit that we sent away for from the Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont. The cottage is really a storage shed for our garden equipment. When our granddaughters come from out of state we transform it into their playhouse. All of our equipment goes under a tarp behind it. We furnished it with odds and ends that we "shopped" for in our basement. I apologize for picture quality. I'm not very good at it but you can get the idea.

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  • Kim Hayes
    Kim Hayes Pasadena, MD

    How incredibly cute!! Wish I was little and one of your granddaughters!! Beautiful job

  • Zuzanka

    Absolutely adorable! I always wanted a little space for my four girls when they were growing up, and when that didn't happen, I swore I will make one for my grandchildren. Well my grandchildren are almost grown up, and I am still dreaming. So

  • Chelseaboots
    Chelseaboots Canada

    Absolutely beautiful inside and out. I know I would have a tough time putting the garden tools back in there when the grandchildren return home. I love that you "shopped" from your own house :-)

  • Argo Electrical Services
    Argo Electrical Services Gainesville, GA

    Love it..

  • Kate
    Kate Boston, MA

    So sweet! I hope they get to visit lots to enjoy it with you.