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"Mirabella and Isadora's Cottage"

This is our little 1 and 3 year old granddaughters' little abode. My Husband and I build it from a kit that we sent away for from the Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont. The cottage is really a storage shed for our garden equipment. When our granddaughters come from out of state we transform it into their playhouse. All of our equipment goes under a tarp behind it. We furnished it with odds and ends that we "shopped" for in our basement. I apologize for picture quality. I'm not very good at it but you can get the idea.

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  • Chelseaboots

    Absolutely beautiful inside and out. I know I would have a tough time putting the garden tools back in there when the grandchildren return home. I love that you "shopped" from your own house :-)

  • Argo Electrical Services
    Argo Electrical Services Gainesville, GA

    Love it..

  • Kate
    Kate Boston, MA

    So sweet! I hope they get to visit lots to enjoy it with you.

  • Rosanne O'Connor
    Rosanne O'Connor Wausau, WI

    Hi. I purchased a kit for this playhouse. Can you tell me how you installed the latch to the door so that the decorative part is on the outside of the door? Also, did you use a brush to paint the exterior or did you spray it? Thank you!

  • Joanne Chapman Smyth

    I would love the plans for mirabella and Isadoras play house in30x20

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