creating a tiered flower bed made with re-purposed drawers

Crafts 6 days ago

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I knocked out the bottoms of the big drawers and hammered holes in the little ones for drainage. I painted first with Kilz to try to water proof. I know they are a temporary pretty but it was loads of fun! Wandering Jew, Polka Dot Plants and Torrenia
  • Sarah Nave
    Sarah Nave San Jose, CA
    I hope this is not a lame question, but why not just drill holes in the big drawers too? are the ones with no bottoms permanent to the ground? Im just wonderng if on;y drilling holes in them as opposed to knocking out the bottom would make them all
    • Sara C
      Sara C Jacksonville, FL
      Sarah Nave I put it together with the idea of it being as permanent a fixture as nature would allow. The bottoms on the little drawers (which I did drill holes) eventually fell
  • Tracey T
    Tracey T Mission, TX
    I will find me some old drawers. I love this idea for a corner I have. Your trade zebrina (aka wandering jew) looks great too!
  • Sara C
    Sara C Jacksonville, FL
    And two years later....
  • Allison Whitehead
    Allison Whitehead United Kingdom
    Very quirky - and a great repurposing idea too. Love the blue!
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    I used a heavy duty landscape material- way thicker than the stuff one uses for weed prevention- that is designed to keep water out of certain areas. Can't help but think it would make the bottom of drawer's last longer. Can't remember what it's called-
Sara C

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