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How to Prevent Pet Stains

When your pet pees on your carpet, prevent it from smelling and staining with this easy tip.
You will need:
*paper towels, absorbent rag
*baking soda
Check out the blog for the full tutorial.
Time: Difficulty: Easy
  • how to prevent pet stains, cleaning tips, flooring, go green

To see more: http://www.kiwiservices.com/angela-says/how-to-prevent-pet-stains/

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  • Melba J M
    Melba J M Murphysboro, IL

    Thanks - This does really work.. My dog is 18 yrs. Old... So I keep the baking soda close....

  • Vickie.aylor

    Mama Avalon CA I form I sheet of foil into a small bowl. I then place a folded paper towel in the center and pour vinegar on it until it is absorbed. With 2 dogs and 5 cats leaving liquid out is not an option. I place the little foil container where

  • Sandra Hellewell

    I got a simple recipe from Pinterest called "Odour Be Gone". It's easy and it works like a charm! I was skeptical because it was only 2 ingredients! Mix 1:1 parts mouthwash to water! Pour it in a spray bottle and mix then spritz it on the offending

    • Christina Loyolacabral
      Christina Loyolacabral Bethel Island, CA

      @Sandra Hellewell What kind of mouth wash? The mint or the plain stuff like Listerine! I inherited my mom's rotten (bit I love her) little Chihuahua and she just goes every where! I shampoo the carpets once a month and I still cant have company over

  • Sandra Hellewell

    Any kind of mouthwash works even the cheapest brand! Just make sure you put the newspaper down on the damp area you've cleaned as it absorbs the odours! When it's dry, discard the newspaper and you should smell nothing! Not dog urine or mouthwash! It

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Jonesboro, AR

    I have discovered that the baking soda does work, I wasn't leaving it on the stain until it dried, it might take a while, but after it dries, I just vacuum it and come right up, works better then anything I've tried, thank you. I have tried

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