DIY Hidden storage: canned food storage cabinet

DIY HOME 5 days ago
It's totally tiny but does a fine job suiting our needs...mostly... One problem I've run into with a small space is storage space. I've had to get a little creative and maximize the empty space hiding in the room since we're lacking a pantry. However, our kitchen had about a 6" opening between our wall and the refrigerator. I decided I needed to utilize this hidden space and that's exactly what I did!

For those concerned about heat, the side of my refrigerator does not get warm/hot at all. I have had this since May and it has been a dream come true in my kitchen!

Check out the full post for full instructions with a shopping list, wood list and full tutorial.

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  • Georgia
    Georgia Brentwood, TN
    This looks one I could attempt and succeed with the right circumstances.
  • Louise Paradis
    Super ingénieux!
  • Darla
    Darla Montgomery Village, MD
    How do you keep it from falling over when it is pulled out all the way?
  • Michael Maloney
    Michael Maloney Australia
    Your kitchen will always have some hidden space for storage and this is a great way to utilize it for canned goods. There are more hidden spaces that you haven’t thought about and you can scan the pages of Pinterest for more great ideas! Not only
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    So clever and you even made it pretty.
  • Valerie Tate
    Valerie Tate Norcross, GA
    Does this impact the required space allotment for the appliance? I would be concerned with overheating. Pkease advise. Great idea though.
  • Linda Schovanec
    Linda Schovanec Dakota City, NE
    I think it's awesome...wish I had something like that.
  • Iris
    Iris Cumberland, MD
    My cousin who lives in Ireland, had a new kitchen put in about 30 yrs ago. This was one of the pieces.
  • Jaime LaPlant
    Jaime LaPlant Menominee, MI
    I may make something like this to go between my counter and the oven. Great idea!
  • UdyRegan
    UdyRegan Australia
    I've seen this hidden pantry storage on a lot of different sites but this is the first time I've spotted the actual tutorial for it!
  • Sandy
    Sandy Sterling Heights, MI
    Always looking for a place to keep your spices, love the space
  • Lorry V
    Lorry V Denver, CO
    Very, very nice!! I always have so many spices this will be awesome!! Thank you :)
  • Darla DeMorrow
    Darla DeMorrow Wayne, PA
    Love this! You made it so pretty. I had something very similar way back before I started blogging. No good pictures to share, but it was a super useful space on wheels. Yours is great because you'll never lose things in the back of your pantry, since you
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    so easy to modify for any tiny space to squeeze a bit of extra storage..even counter height, or between a washer and dryer.
  • Mari j
    Mari j Medford, OR
    Absolutely love this, thanks for sharing, have you tried the under cabinet drawers as well for storing plastic wrap, foil etc? Works well in small areas too.
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