Plants & Flowers Yesterday

Container Garden in a Vintage Enamelware Tub

Take a look at my newest summer container garden! I put it together as the icing on the cake of long day of garden work. I used my favorite flowers color combo - yellow, purple & white and chose plants with varied textures. This makes a container more interesting. If you are planting a container garden make sure when to use plants that have the same sun & water needs. See my post http://www.mysoulfulhome.com/cant-contain-my... for more tips

To see more: http://www.mysoulfulhome.com/cant-contain-myself-container-garden/

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  • Karin P Cedar Park, TX
    wow...just yesterday I looked at 2 of my own vintage blue speckled tubs and thought do use them for succulents....I am going to get right on it! thanks
  • Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    That is gorgeous. Did you drill holes for drainage?
  • TinaLouise Dawsonville, GA
    Gorgeous! I really love it and I will have to check out that Pineapple Pie Coreopsis; just love it!
  • Wendy Baker Ruckersville, VA
    Do you have drill holes in the bottom of the tubs to let the water drain? I'm thinking of using them for a vegetable garden.
  • Kelly@mysoulfulhome San Marino, CA
    Thanks Ladies...I really appreciate your comments! I discussed the drainage issue in my blog post, but not here...so to recap...I used a combination of gravel & packing peanuts in the bottom for drainage. I did not have the heart to drill holes in the
  • Phyllis Richmond, VA
    I have been wanting to do this. Now I have to!
  • Kelly@mysoulfulhome San Marino, CA
    Phyllis....it is a sign! Go do it!!
  • Carol Harris Jonesboro, AR
    I grew up on a farm, in the early days, this was called a dish pan, and still have a wash pan, that my mother used on the back porch for the men folks to wash their hands in before coming inside for dinner after working in the fields, its a smaller pan
  • Kelly@mysoulfulhome San Marino, CA
    I wish I had grown up on a farm! Thanks for sharing Carol!
  • Kitchen Kelli Norman, OK
    I love this! my Nana had one in her front yard garden and now I have it - it just makes things look so homey! Beautiful flowers!
  • Kelly@mysoulfulhome San Marino, CA
    Thank you...it is homey...LOVE that! Thanks for saying so!
  • Sue Allentown, PA
    Love it. I do all of my annuals in containers. I have a small yard.
  • Natalie Scarberry Fort Worth, TX
    I love the look, but what do you do for drainage. Do you somehow drill holes in the bottoms?
  • Kelly@mysoulfulhome San Marino, CA
    Hi Natalie, Thanks for your question. I did not have the heart to drill holes in the vintage tub. I used a combination of gravel & packing peanuts. You can read here for more details http://mysoulfulhome.com/cant-contain-myself...
  • Natalie Scarberry Fort Worth, TX
    Hi, Kelly. I don't have the heart to drill holes in mine either. So thanks for the idea about the gravel and packing peanuts. Have a great day.