Turn Existing Toilets Into Self-Cleaning Toilets for < 5-cents/day

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Self-Cleen.com introduced a high-tech coating product that enables you to turn plain existing toilets into actual Self-Cleaning toilets at an affordable cost: < 5 cents/day per toilet.

This is a new level of Freedom and Luxury that has not been attainable by the masses in the past. I myself and my friends are enjoying these benefits and I thought that some of you may also like to.

A Self-Cleaning Coated Toilet repels water and calcium lime scale so that they do not become the hard to remove rings and deposits that we presently fight on a daily basis. The water action of the toilet washes contaminants off of the surface with each flush - so that you don't have to.

The Self-Cleaning surface eliminate the need for scrubbing, descaling, harsh toilet bowl cleaners and calcium-lime removers - saving time and money. For maintenance, simply swish the side-walls and under the rim with white vinegar about once a month, then spray-on a fresh

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  • Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA


  • Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for 2-3 Hometalk Friends that want to convert their existing toilets into Self-Cleaning Toilets.

  • L Williams Lansdale, PA
    Sign me up Matthew, sounds too good to be true!
  • Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Thanks L Williams , but it's not too good to be true...It's just a Good use of Advanced Science to solve nasty problems. Product available at www.selfcleen.com
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