Turn Existing Toilets Into Self-Cleaning Toilets for < 5-cents/day

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Self-Cleen.com introduced a high-tech coating product that enables you to turn plain existing toilets into actual Self-Cleaning toilets at an affordable cost: < 5 cents/day per toilet.

This is a new level of Freedom and Luxury that has not been attainable by the masses in the past. I myself and my friends are enjoying these benefits and I thought that some of you may also like to.

A Self-Cleaning Coated Toilet repels water and calcium lime scale so that they do not become the hard to remove rings and deposits that we presently fight on a daily basis. The water action of the toilet washes contaminants off of the surface with each flush - so that you don't have to.

The Self-Cleaning surface eliminate the need for scrubbing, descaling, harsh toilet bowl cleaners and calcium-lime removers - saving time and money. For maintenance, simply swish the side-walls and under the rim with white vinegar about once a month, then spray-on a fresh

  • Innovative Self-Cleen ST3 two-part Self-Cleaning Coating System.
  • Clean-Coated Toilet Flushing - showing the water repelling action of Self-Cleen ST3 coated surfaces. The flushing action actually washes away contaminants each time.
  • Clean-Coated Toilet - Self-Cleen ST3 prevents scale buildup under the Rim.
  • Clean-Coated Toilet Bowl - Self-Cleen ST3 prevents toilet bowl rings and scale on side-walls.
  • Matthew Gingerella
    Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Dear Diane Rich, the best thing that you can do to protect your investment in your Refinished Tub is to coat it with Self-Cleen ST3. It will prevent the new finish from
  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Has anyone used those things from the 70's that hang over the side of the tank? Do they work? Or are they only for odor-control?
  • Matthew Gingerella
    Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Hi Polly Zieper - those things were just air fresheners. Technology has marched on. This is the age of Self-Cleaning Surfaces - MOEN has fingerprint resistant faucets,
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Charlotte, TN
    Is this safe for septic tanks?
  • Matthew Gingerella
    Matthew Gingerella Riverside, CA
    Dear Stephanie , Thank you for your question. Yes it is safe for septic tanks because Self-Cleen ST3 immediately creates a solid protective coating on the toilet bowl surface and
Matthew Gingerella

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