Fabulous Folger's Coffee Plastic Container Upcycle

4 hours ago
With some chalkboard labels from Michael's and a can of Krylon Paint these coffee containers become great organizers for crafts, sewing or as a reposit for rice, pasta, flour or sugar - especially when the person has difficulty with heavy canisters. I kept the insides carefully covered so they remained food-safe. Buy paint that is usable on plastic and follow directions - they must cure for 4-5 days! Try here for a better demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8TAewzKwfo .
Time: 4 Days Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://kelliskitchen.org/2013/07/cheap-organization/

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  • Kim Dunlap Gordon
    Kim Dunlap Gordon Fort Valley, GA
    You can also buy chalkboard labels at the Dollar Tree, a 6 pack is $1
  • Tabitha Lynn Cowan
    Tabitha Lynn Cowan Princeton, IN
    I did something similar to this with a bulk Ravioli can.
  • Cathy Klingel
    Cathy Klingel Dallas, TX
    Very cute idea! BTW, your video is not working.
    • Kitchen Kelli
      Kitchen Kelli Norman, OK
      Cathy Klingel Thank you! I just checked, it's working fine so it must have been a glitch about an hour ago. You can try it again!
  • Wanda.ll
    Wanda.ll Conroe, TX
    Video isn't working.Just checked myself sorry
  • Cathy
    Cathy Greenville, MI
    I used this same idea, with just about the same color, to make a composting container for kitchen scraps. I refused to buy an expensive ceramic one. This works quite well, and when it gets too ratty looking I clean and put another coat of paint on! I
Kitchen Kelli