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Upcycled Porch Table

A neighbor was getting rid of this years ago and passed it on our way. It had some wear and tear even back then but now... now it was just looking so shabby and rotten...
This is what we are starting with. The stand is even a bit rusted. And, you should see the underneath... 😶
😳 That's embarrassing..
Step 1: We started by sanding the top and stripping the underneath. This allowed us to really see the poor condition. I believe I should have given this table some attention a very long time ago.
Step 2: We went kind of deep here and there with the sanding getting rid of some soft spots so, we filled them in and sanded to level the table top.
Step 3: We recovered the underneath with some left over drawer liner from a previous project.
Step 4: After taking care of all of the shabby areas and giving it a base coat I started on the design.
Step 5: After looking around for something that struck my interest to use as a stencil we wound up with this... It's part of an entertainment stand that is sitting around waiting for me to decide what to do with it..
Step 6: The twine was something I had left over from a previous project as well and thought it would look good used as trim on the table. So, I picked a glue and went to town. I chose the contact cement for this because of it's brush. It just seemed nicer to apply this way.
Step 7: And last but, not least.... We added 2 coats of Poly..
Step 8: Then we cleaned up and touched up the stand with some rust proof paint, let everything dry, re-assembled it all and....
The table goes so well with my chairs now... It's a lovely little spot to enjoy a green tea frappe in the morning.. 😋
✌ ♥

Materials I used for this project:

  • Drawer Liner   (Dollar Tree)
  • Spackle   (Dollar Tree)
  • E600 glue   (Wal-Mart)
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