Modge Podge vs White Glue

I'm pretty cheap (and don't have a craft store handy). Can I use watered down white glue in place of Modge Podge? I'm revamping a table by adding a larger plywood top, and am going to cover it with old hymn book pages.
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  • June New Paltz, NY
    Has anyone ever had a problem with ModPodge being sticky? I covered an old wooden chair with sheet music and music themed pictures and it's a bit sticky.
  • Judy Holly, MI
    I agree with most of the posts, I use glue/water mix about 50/50, but always let cure well and coat with a sealer, and it does tend to yellow over time. I find that even ModPodge tends to degrade when using for something like a coaster, or where moisture
  • Linda Ontonagon, MI
    I also used glue and water. I just saw one project that was done about 30 plus years ago, the plaque looked the same. I used old pictures and at that time you couldn't copy the pictures, because I didn't have the money or know anyone who could do the coping.
  • The problem with that is it is not protected, with the podge it has a sealer in it and is very durable.
  • June, I've not covered anything with MP, but I did paint a dresser last summer. It was a few months before it didn't feel tacky. Maybe it just needs a bit of time to 'cure'?
  • Ruth LaMarr Marion, OH
    You can purchase Mod Podge in the craft section of most department stores.
  • Sia@South 47th Sacramento, CA
    Most of the time for large projects I use 50/50 glue to water ratio, because I'm cheap LOL. Then Poly it with 3 coats. Haven't had the 'yellowing' problem. ;)
  • Trashy Treasures Beaverton, OR
    I have used elmers glue in place of mod podge with no problems
  • Ranelle Springfield, OR
    Yes June, I have had the problem with mod podge projects being "sticky" and have ruined many surfaces because something has stuck to them. But, as many others have suggested...clear your table with a clear urethane after the mod podge and it will take
  • June New Paltz, NY
    Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I can still seal it with the urethane even tho it was done several years ago. Much appreciated.
  • Linda Ontonagon, MI
    You know if you use glue and water or Modge Podge, you can varnish over the top. I have done that.
  • Lora Howard Richmond, TX
    Nancy, who says you need a craft store? WalMart carries ModPodge too!
  • Car not available this week, and to get to WallyWorld I'd definitely need one. Besides, I try to avoid that place. ;-)
  • Judy Holly, MI
    Nancy, I tend to avoid WalMart, too (due to my own views on the company), but sometimes it's necessary. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping on lots of stuff, including ModPodge in the Gallon size. I find lots of crafty stuff,
  • Amazon Prime is something I really should do, because not only would it save on shipping, it would also save on the actual cost of products, in my experience. Just another thing to do... ;-)
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