Modge Podge vs White Glue

Decopage 10.07.15
I'm pretty cheap (and don't have a craft store handy). Can I use watered down white glue in place of Modge Podge? I'm revamping a table by adding a larger plywood top, and am going to cover it with old hymn book pages.
  • Finally got the perfect sized table for my small trailer dining room. Now want to cover the top.
  • Maggie Hugie
    Maggie Hugie Salt Lake City, UT
    I use a mixture of about 2/3rds white glue (like Elmers) and 1/3 water. I always use a water based polyurethane sealer over the top. On a table I would probably use 5 or 6 coats of the sealer just to make sure everything is waterproof and it makes clean
  • Nancy Spencer Carlson
    I never did get this table made. Turns out I we inherited my mil's mcm gray formica table. And then we moved! Now that I think of it, this table base is now covered with a 24x46" piece of plywood, primed for another project that didn't happen, and
  • Jessie
    jessie United Kingdom
    What is mod podge? I'm from UK ☺️
    • Nancy Spencer Carlson
      Jessie it's basically thin white glue. It is used to attach and seal paper products to something else. It was all the rage back in the 70's for decoupage, if you are familiar with that. It's back again. Follow the recipes on here to make your own!
  • Maggie Hugie
    Maggie Hugie Salt Lake City, UT
    I lived at 107 Springs Road Nancy, it was one of the farmhouses built before the Revolutionary War. Bedford was a wonderful sleepy little town when I was there. I am sure its changed but I hope you enjoy it.
    • Nancy Spencer Carlson
      Maggie Hugie I drive by your old place every week on my way to the VA. We live off Summer St, and I am ashamed to say the most I get out is when I go to the VA. I live in my house, dreaming up projects!
  • Maggie Hugie
    Maggie Hugie Salt Lake City, UT
    Thanks Nancy, please wave at the old place the next time you pass by. I have lots of projects going too.
Nancy Spencer Carlson
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